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Sebastian Solano
Owner of Nuveau Pétrol
Assumed office
December 25th, 2007
Preceded byJean-Clémente Solano
Personal details
BornJune 1st, 1980
Bella Mirana, Inyursta
Political partyCoalition Inyursta Primiéro
Spouse(s)Ariana Solano
Alma materUniversité National de Quínoa

Sebastian Armín Solano-Dupesque is a billionaire philanthropist, owner of the massive indigenous oil company Nuveau Pétrol and self-proclaimed adventurer. He is the oldest son of Jean-Clémente Solano and Marina Dupesque Solano, and is currently married to Madáme Ariana Solano.


Sebastian took the reigns of control of Nuvea Pétrol on Christmas (Navíelle) 2007, in a closed exchange open only to family and friends. Since taking the torch from his father, Sebastian has not done anything spectular with the company, however profits and stocks continue to grow and several facilities have been opened in nearby countries such as refineries in Cuscatlan as well as wells off the coast of Toréngo.

He is also a partial real estate mogul and heavy investor in the defense industry.


Both Sebastian and his wife Ariana are heavy supporters of Président Jean-Baptiste Calderone and the CIP, the later who holds a position in the party's leadership. The Solano family has been criticized for "providing excessive support and involvement in policies which benefit their business"; while Sebastian himself has refused to comment on or even acknowledge these criticisms.

Personal Life

He and his wife have one child between them, a young daughter named Ramona. When he is not managing his many investments or challenging the obstacles of the world, Sebastian is known to take his daughter horseback riding and swimming with dolphins.

File:Inyur sword01.jpg
Épinbarça, a dueling rapier which has been in the Solano family for generations.

Sebastian fancies himself a modern day explorer, and despite his rich and pampered upbringing he enjoys taking boating and camping expeditions into the many jungles of Inyursta. In 2009 he was part of a team of climbers who reached the summit of Mt Cotaquixo, the highest mountain in the Sierra Polaches range.

He is also a world-class sword-fighting champion, excelling at both traditional rapier fencing as well as the tough and violent Inyurstan-rules fencing. Sebastian owns a large variety of swords and blades - mostly rapiers - including the exquisite antique Épinbarça which has been passed down from father to eldest son since the 17th century.