Anti-Corruption and Ethics Commission

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Anti-Corruption and Ethics Commission
(Lim4 zing3 dou6 dak1 wai2 jyun4 wui2)
Logo of the ACEC
Logo of the ACEC
"Fight corruption, promote integrity."
Agency overview
Formed5 December 2001; 22 years ago (2001-12-05)
Employees2,138 (2013)[1]
Annual budget$4.3 billion (2017)[2]
Jurisdictional structure
Legal jurisdictionYingok
Constituting instruments
Specialist jurisdiction
Operational structure
HeadquartersACEC Building,
202 Tindei Road,
Buksi, Dongsing
Elected officer responsible
Agency executive

The Anti-Corruption and Ethics Commission (Yinese: 廉政道德委員會; Jinping: Lim4 zing3 dou6 dak1 wai2 jyun4 wui2), commonly abbreviated as the ACEC is the statutory independent anti-corruption body of Yingok with the primary objective of combating corruption in both the public and private sectors. Established in 2001 with the Anti-Corruption and Ethics Act under the presidency of Fung Likwai, the ACEC is headed by the Commissioner, currently Ze Daanming, who reports directly to the Chief Justice of Yingok, Wu Suk-fan. The ACEC has played a crucial role since its founding in addressing corruption in the country, a notable issue that continues to the present day.


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