Bianca Maria, Cazique Venturini

Bianca Maria Venturini
Cazique Venturini, Dieconsigliare, Council Chancellor
Cazique Venturini
Reign28 September 1991 - Present
Ascension1 October 1991
PredecessorLodovico Venturini
SeneschalAgostino Selvo
Years with Seat2006 - 2012
PredecessorVittorio Paladino
Council Chancellor
Years in Office2009-2011
PredecessorMarco de Rossi
SuccessorGiada Leone
Council Chancellor
Years in Office2012
PredecessorGiada Leone
Born (1962-01-21) 21 January 1962 (age 58)
Ca' Venturin, Sante Reze
SpouseGiovanni de Rossi
IssueEliza Bianca
Remigio Virgilio
FatherLodovico Venturini
MotherFrancesca Caccini

Bianca Venturini is the current Cazique Venturini, a member of the Council of Ten, and Chancellor of the Council for her third nonconsecutive year.

Personal Life


House Venturini

During her tenure as Cazique Venturini, she has seen House Venturini become a neutral power, refraining from outward shows of support for any of the other families. She shows little to no preference for any of the other Houses, with the sole exception being her recent marriage to a nephew of Cazique Marco de Rossi.

Councilor and Chancellor


Prior to her election to the council, Bianca Venturini was criticized for having remained unmarried. Of several business proposals, and even a handful of personal proposals, made since her graduation from university, all were rejected within days of being made.

More recently, the inordinately large voting bloc which elected Venturini to the council has eclipsed any previous criticisms, especially in light of her sudden and swift marriage to a nephew of the de Rossi family. Four of nine of the families did not offer candidates for the council seat and instead all publicly supported Venturini, which prompted suspicions of bribery and conspiracy, some going so far as to say that the election was fixed, though without hard evidence to support these claims. After six years, there is also criticism that she has been holding her council seat for too long, spending more time on it than the average dieconsigliare.