Capital punishment in Aeia

Status Country Year of last execution Executions Last Year Year abolished Method of Execution Notes
Abolitionist  Ajerrin 2003 n/a 2003 Lethal injection or Firing Squad Capital punishment was made illegal when The People's Constitution was ratified by all states in 2003.
Retentionist  Aleia 1981 0 n/a Firing squad Although Aleia still retains capital punishment for high treason and war crimes, no execution has taken place since 1981, and a moratorium is effectively in place. There are however still 11 prisoners currently on Aleian death row, with the most recent felon incarcerated in 1999.
Retentionist Marensoald Batisuria 2018 76 n/a Guillotine, Firing Squad Capital punishment in Marensoald is reserved for cases of violent or repeat sexual crimes, homicide, and treason. The status of Capital Punishment has become contentious in recent years, especially in the Union of Matav, as the act of execution outside of war is seen as a mortal sin by many adherents of Mashahism in the nation.
Abolitionist  Crylante 1949 n/a 1951 Smothering Capital punishment was deemed unconstitutional by the Court for National Justice in 1951, stating it went against the Bill of Rights.
Abolitionist  Cuirpthe 1947 n/a 1963 Lethal Injection Capital punishment was deemed a breach of human rights by the National Court of Cuirpthe on January 8th, 1963.
Abolitionist  Elhazia 1948 n/a 1955 Shooting Constitutional ban
Abolitionist  Goulong 2001 n/a 2001 Firing Squad, lethal injection Capital punishment was legal up until 2001 when the process was ruled unconstitutional by the High Court, as it violated Section I of the Goulongese Constitution, which grants citizens the "right to life".
Abolitionist  Isolaprugna 1966 n/a 1967 Lethal injection Capital punishment was made illegal upon independence.
Abolitionist  Mardin Isles 1974 n/a 1980 Hanging, firing squad Made illegal under the Justice Reform Law, 1980.
Retenionist  Midrasia 1975 0 n/a Guillotine, Firing Squad Whilst capital punishment has been all but abolished by convention, it is still retained for acts of treason; though in reality such crimes regularly only carry a life sentence. Capital punishment is however retained within the military code.
Retentionist  Motsvara 1984 0 n/a Firing Squad Capital Punishment, while not having been committed since 1984, is still the punishment for acts of high treason against the state as well as the most major crimes.
Retentionist  Nordhurlant 2018 3 n/a Firing squad, Lethal injection Capital punishment is reserved for high crimes such as murder, rape, and most famously dissent against the government. The government tries to cover up the number of executions for fear of international sanctions, and the number is heavily under reported.
Abolitionist  Onza 1977 n/a 1978 Lethal injection Abolished by Congress in 1978 after a high-profile, botched execution resulted in an extended, painful death for convicted murderer Abd Al-Shirah.
Abolitionist  Ovandera 2012 n/a 2015 Firing Squad Abolished by by popular vote of the the Communist Party in 2017