Conservative Capitalist Front (Ordennya)

Conservative Capitalist Front

Front capitaliste conservateur
LeaderJean Meunier MP
FounderJean Meunier
FoundedDecember 2015
Split fromOrdennyan Conservative Party
HeadquartersFCC Campaign HQ, Chronohaben
IdeologyNational Conservatism
Hard Esquariscepticism
Right-wing populism
Political positionRight wing
Chamber of Deputies
184 / 650
Senate of the People & Regions
128 / 450

The Conservative Capitalist Front, shortened to FCC, is one of the major political parties in Ordennya, as the second largest Party in the Ordennyan Parliament and the largest Party in the current Ordennyan government. Formed in 2016 by Jean Meunier, it was founded as a right-wing breakaway from the mainstream Conservative Party. It espouses right wing policies such as mass privatisation of public services, lower taxes, lower public spending, and a free market economy.