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Council for Mutual Defence and Economic Assistance
Flag of COMDEA
Flag of COMDEA, adopted 2004
Map of the COMDEA
  Fully integrated
  Partial Members
AbbreviationSee below
PredecessorWarsaw Pact, Comecon
FormationMay 14, 1955; 69 years ago (1955-05-14)
Merger ofWarsaw Pact, Comecon
TypeEconomic union, Military alliance
PurposeEconomic and military alliance
HeadquartersMoscow, Soviet Union
Afro-Eurasia, the Americas
Membership (2022)
Official language
  • English
  • Russian
  • German
  • French

The Council for Mutual Defence and Economic Assistance (COMDEA), see other languages below, is an intergovernmental economic and collective defense organization mostly consisting of the Soviet Union, its allies, as well as other socialist or socialist-aligned states. The organization features 14 members; 10 of which are fully integrated into the organization and 4 of which are economically integrated but not militarily integrated. 10 states are observer members.