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MV4139 Actaeon

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MV4139 Actaeon
FV4139 Aurochs Mk II.png
MV4139 Actaeon Mk.II of the 5th Armoured Division in 2017 pattern field camouflage during CBRNe exercises, Janurary 2017
TypeMain battle tank
Place of origin Carloso
Service history
In service1998–present
Production history
Unit costD£4.7 million
VariantsSee Variants
Weight65 tonnes
Length8.53 m (hull length)
10.99 m (gun forward)
Width3.67 m
Height2.49 m
Crew4 (commander, gunner, loader, driver)

ArmorArmadura IV composite armour on top of RHA steel in addition to Satsuma hybrid active protection system. Optional ERA and NERA modular add-on armour.


  • vs KE: 600-1030mm RHA
  • vs HEt: 750-1340 mm RHA
122 mm L53 rifled gun
1 × 9.48 mm L486 chain gun
1 × 13.21 mm L739 coaxial chain gun
EngineGas turbine engine
1,500 hp
SuspensionHydropneumatic active suspension
430 km
Speed70 km/h (onroad)
40 km/h (offroad)

The MV4139 Actaeon is a third-generation main battle tank in service with the Carlosian Armed Forces. Designed and manufactured by Misrias Steelworks as a replacement for the MV3756 Charun, it currently serves as the primary heavily armoured workhorse of many nations, including Carloso, Brytene, TBA and TBA. Following a similar design philosophy to its predecessor, the MV4139 is optimized for fast-paced manoeuvre warfare, in-line with standard military thinking that a high-cost military conflict could erupt between the state and another major power bloc at any time. It originally started out as a private venture by a team of engineers at Misrias' land weapon systems division, presenting a D£51.3 million ($104.7 million) prototype vehicle to the Department of Defence in 1995 after six years of development. Utilising the latest armour and structural developments, as well as representing a major leap forward for tank design, it was hoped that it would mark the beginning of a thrust forward for the Armed Forces into the 21st century. With ambitious production goals, an initial order of 1,284 tanks for the nation's armoured divisions was placed, worth over D£6 billion ($12.3 billion), with expectations to have all the units built within three years. The expansion of Misrias' facilities to the point that it now owns three of the top ten largest tank factories in the world helped production levels to increase steadily year-on-year, and new Actaeons are still being built and delivered to customers around the world. Most notably, the Confederate Brytisc Fleet, the armed forces of Brytene; one of the Federal Republic's closest allies, have chosen the MV4139 as its primary main battle tank amidst a heated debate on the future of the Brytisc armaments industry.

Essentially, the Actaeon is a radically redesigned follow-on to the MV3756, evident in the general shape of the chassis and turret. Despite this though, both tanks share very few interchangeable parts. The Actaeon, specifically the MV4139 Mk.II, is widely considered to be one of the best protected main battle tank in the world, boasting state-of-the-art active protection systems, Belfast Level II composite armour, explosive and non-explosive reactive armour and additional add-on systems to improve survivability. Standard armament includes the autoloaded 128 mm L512A1 smoothbore gun, which is ?? calibres long (? m) and designed to fire a wide variety of munitions, including semi-armour-piercing high-explosive (SAPHE) and armour-piercing fin-stabilized discarding sabot (APFSDS) rounds, as well as the specially developed ??? anti-tank missile. Secondary armament includes a coaxial 9.5 mm L739A1 chain gun and an Arbitrator remote weapon system mounting a 13.21 mm L486A1 chain gun. In earlier models, including the MV4139, instead of the remote weapon system there is a standard crew-served 13.21 mm L???A2 heavy machine gun. On either side of the turret there are five red phosphorus grenade launchers used in smoke-screening. A fully loaded Actaeon usually carries fifty four main gun rounds, 1,100 13.21×??mm rounds and ?,??? 9.5×40mm rounds.


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