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Jason VI Augustus of Latium

Jason VI Augustus
Official Portrait of Jason Augustus.jpg
Official Portrait of Jason Augustus, 1999
Latin Emperor
Reign20 May 1997 – 3 November 2016
Coronation25 December 1997
PredecessorDiana Augusta
SuccessorConstantine XX
Co-monarch Diana Augusta (1997–2000)
Born15 December 1963
Palatium Augusti, Palatine, Castellum ab Alba
Died3 November 2016(2016-11-03) (aged 52)
Palace of Augustus, Palatine, Castellum
19 January 2017
Imperial Crypt, Palatine, Castellum
Among others
Full name
Gaius Claudius Anicius Nero Iason Felix Alexander Hadrianus Caesar Augustus
FatherLeo Claudius, Duke of Adrianople
MotherDiana Augusta
ReligionFabrian Catholic

Jason VI Augustus (Gaius Claudius Anicius Nero Iason Felix Alexander Hadrianus Caesar Augustus; 15 December 1963 – 3 November 2016) was 117th Latin Emperor, reigning from May 1997 until his death in November 2016.

Jason was born at the Palace of Augustus, in Castellum, as the eldest son of Latin Empress Diana Augusta and Leo, Prince Consort, making Jason the grandson Constantine XIX, as well as Jason Claudius, Duke of Adrianople. He was educated at Lyceum Sanctus Michaelis, and later Academia Militaris Olympia, becoming the first Latin heir apparent to earn a university degree. He served a year in the Latin Army, as a member of the Legio XVII Dianae. In 1980 he was made Count Palatine of Adrianople and the North from 1991 until 1997.

He was made co-monarch on 20 May 1997 after being elevated by his mother Diana Augusta. Jason became sole monarch four days later, when his Empress Diana Augusta suddenly abdicated. He faced his first scandal immediately, allowing his sister, Isabella, Princess Imperial to return to Latium, with her three children, in defiance of the church. Jason was known for regularly intervening in Senate politics, even before his reign. While not without his controversies, Jason was noted for his high popularity among Latins following his actions during the two major senatorial crises that took place early in his reign: The Group of Ten crisis and the 2000 electoral fraud investigations. In both instances, Jason's quick action and subsequent push for reforms were key in reintroducing faith among the citizenry in the electoral process and imperial government. However, Jason would have detractors from his reign after his repeated clashes with the Fabrian Church and numerous reports of infidelity. Most notably among his differences with the church surrounded his divorce from his second wife, Zoe Verrucosa, as well as his push for a reversal of his sister's excommunication – both of which he managed to achieve. His reign is generally regarded favorably among most Latins, due to his swift action in the face of political and domestic turmoil.

Jason was married three times over the course of his life, and was the only Latin monarch in history to have divorced and remarried. He had eight legitimate children, across three marriages. His first marriage was to Stephania Pinaria, in 1987, from which he had one child: Maria. His second marriage was to Zoe Verrucosa, and lasted from 1993 until a divorce in 1999 and produced three children: Constantine, Michael and Selene. His final marriage came in 2000 to Ghantish noblewoman Marsella Atmos and resulted in four children: Peter, Polyxena, Olivia, and Philip. Jason also had two awknwledged illegitimate children from two different women.

Jason unexpectedly passed away at the age of 52 in November 2016. His death ushered in a succession crisis, where two of his sons and an illegitimate son claims the throne. The crisis lasted nearly a month, resulting in the succession of his eldest legitimate son, Constantine, as Latin Emperor.

Early Life and education

Jason as a child accompanied by his mother in 1966.

Jason was born at the Palace of Augustus, in Castellum, the second child and first son of Empress Diana Augusta and her consort Leo, Prince Consort on 15 December 1963. Upon his birth he automatically took the titles Duke of Galata, Duke of Velia, He was baptized at Sancta Sapientia in Castellum, and invested as Prince of Youth on Christmas Day in 1963. His godparents were Michael Claudius, Count of Isca (his father's uncle); Prince Theophylactus, Duke of Ossonoba (his mother's uncle); Princess Zoe, Duchess of Haenna (his mother's sister); and Anna Claudia (his father's aunt). He was also given the title Imperator Destinatus. He is named for his paternal grandfather Jason Claudius, Duke of Adrianople.

Jason was primarily raised in Castellum, at the Palace of Augustus, though regularly traveled between Castellum, Ascanium, and Adrianople with his family. He and his sister Princess Isabella were the first members of the Imperial Family to attend formal schooling, though both were tutored by a private governess until the age of thirteen. Jason attended Lyceum Sanctus Michaelis through secondary school, though spent the 1978 at Pescia Academy in Adrianople. During secondary school, Jason participated in the schools football program, also partaking was an avid golfer. It was in secondary school that he met his future first wife, Stephania Pinaria. Jason later remarked that secondary school was "a thrill" for him, and he "enjoyed being around other children his age from very early on."

Jason with his mother Diana Augusta at the 1977 Ludi Circenses.

After completing secondary school, he enrolled at Academia Militaris Olympia, and joined in the Latin military, for his tertiary education. Before attending Olympia, Jason spent a gap year traveling Belisaria. While at Olympia, he participated with the university's football team for one season. He graduated in 1984 and earned a degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics. Jason did not actively serve in the Latin Army after graduation as is customary of Olympia students. He became the first Latin heir apparent, and later first Emperor, to earn a university degree. He later admitted that "attending Olympia really helped me toughen up, and taught me that I need to work just as hard as everyone else."

Pre-reign political activities

Prior to his ascension, Jason was gradually appointed more and more duties as heir by his mother. Rumors in Castellum were that his mother's health was in a weakened state. These rumors further persisted when Jason began to fill in for his father on appearances and state functions. In an effort to combat the rumors, Jason was sent to Adrianople where he primarily served as Propraetor of the area and Count Palatine of the Occidens until 1995. In 1996, Jason was recalled to Castellum, when concerns of his mother's health began to arose after reports that she underwent surgery. He attended his first session of the Senate on 22 September 1996, much to the surprise of then Consul Justin Seius. Consul Seius commented that Jason's attendance was "rather odd, though not unwelcome." However, during the leaks arising from the 1998 Group of Ten cash for honors scandal, documents were discovered where Consul Seius was vocal in party meetings of his displeasure at Jason's regular visits to the Senate and sitting in on sessions in lieu of the either of his parents.

Count Palatine

In addition to his role as Count Palatine of Adrianole and the north, Jason was named Count Palatine of Perateia by his mother on 22 June 1991. He immediately relocated his family to the Diocese of the East, taking up residence at Lauseion. As Count Palatine, Jason was the chief representative of his mother in Perateia, and exercised governance over the local governments. Jason's tenure as Count Palatine came to an end in February 1997 as rumors of his mother's health began to spread. Of the end of his time in Perateia, Jason said, "It's not something you like to think about. I've greatly enjoyed my time here, and for it to end, and especially on such sudden terms is disappointing."


Coronation Controversy

Following the death of his father, Jason was elevated to co-monarch by his mother, on 20 May 1997, jointly reigning for four days until her abdication on 24 May 1997. He was coronated on Christmas Day in 1997, which took place at Sancta Sapientia. The event was plagued by controversy, as reports leaked that Empress consort Zoe was strongly pushing to have the event televised, causing a rage among the clergy and Conservative-led government. The situation was further inflamed when it was leaked a week later that Empress Zoe was in negotiations with a number of television networks to host the event, drawing ire from the RAL. Jason released a public statement stating that "[these rumors] are exactly that, rumors. There are no plans to televise my simply will not occur." His coronation was not televised.

Early reign and senate crises

The first days of Jason's reign were wrought with controversy. He was originally co-monarch, reigning along with his mother, Diana, after his father's death; four days later, Diana abdicated. At the time of his ascension, his elder sister Isabella, and her three children were expelled from Ghant following the death of Emperor Albert of Ghant and subsequent appointment of Prince Albert of Ghant as Lord Regent. During the joint reign of his parents, Diana and Leo, Jason's sister Isabella was unwelcome in Latium and excommunicated by the Church for her decision to elope with John, Crown Prince of Ghant. When Jason ascended to the throne, he lifted the ban and allowed Isabella to land in Latium, and for her and her children to be admitted entry to Latium. He was quick to accept his sister and her children into the Imperial household, while also making diplomatic overtures of his displeasure of the treatment of a Princess of Latium and her children by Prince-Regent Albert of Ghant. The action was denounced by the Catholic Church due to Isabella's excommunication. After some negotiation, the excommunication was eventually lifted.

The first legislative act signed by Jason as sole emperor was the One Man, One Woman Act of 1997. It was signed on 15 September 1997, and outlawed any attempt by county officials to allow same-sex marriage, however he never stated whether he personally supported or was against the bill. It wasn't until 1998 that Jason began to further assert himself into the political process, the first instance to deny assent to a legislative act of the Senate which would have privatized the NHS. The action by Jason was widely supported by opposition parties in the Senate, also resulting in a large spike in his personal popularity.

It wasn't until the Group of Ten scandal, which was brought to light and exposed by journalists from the RAL News, that Jason first began to more actively insert himself into governmental politics. Following the media reports, he promptly ordered an investigation into the matter, which resulted in arrest warrants being issued for Consul Seius, Energy Minister Lucceia, among other members of the Conservative government. Senator Jordana Lucceia was found dead in her office and determined to commit suicide by police investigations. The news of Lucceia's suicide prompted Jason to issue pardons for the remaining members of the leadership, but with the caveat that they were ineligible from participating in elections or public life for the remainder of their lives.

The Group of Ten scandal was the first occasion where Jason dissolved the Senate before a regularly scheduled election. The 1998 snap election was the first in nearly twenty years, and resulted in the consulship of Nicetas Taronitus, Latium's first Hellene consul in over 120 years. The next snap election occurred in 2001 after it was discovered the results of the 2000 general election were caused by severe voter fraud by the Latin First Party. Jason again ordered an investigation, headed by his wife Marsella Atmos, whom he appointed caretaker consul until new elections were called. Together with a caretaker cabinet of Conservative and Progressive senators Jason, with the help of his wife Marsella Atmos, managed to introduce a series of reforms to make the electoral process more transparent. The Progressives would later regain the consulship following the snap elections, holding it until 2013.

Second decade

The second decade of Jason's reign continued with the elected government being dominated by the Progressive Party and the 13 year consulship of Constantine Otacilius. During this period, Jason and government promulgated a number of new laws and reforms, most notably the Welfare Reform Acts of 2006, the Healthcare Reform and Revitalization Act of 2002, and had attempted local government reform. The most controversial action of this period was the loosening of restrictions on abortions, and allowed for the activity under certain restrictions. Jason had originally threatened to withhold Imperial assent, though would later sign the measure into law after an amendment was added to prevent state funds from being used for procedures.

In fall 2013, Jason dissolved the Senate on 18 November 2013 and called for new elections in the new year. On 9 March 2014, his cousin Maria Tarpeia and leader of the Conservative Party gained the Senate majority, and Jason appointed her the first female Latin consul. The new consulship saw further deterioration in Jason's relationship with church authorities as the Conservative government repeatedly attempted to push through ultra-socially conservative measures, causing Jason to withhold assent. He would eventually sign into law the Morality Acts, though sources inside the Palace of Augustus stated that "the Emperor has severe reservations," and the law was never actively enforced. The peak of the government difficulties came when Consul Tarpeia sought to defund and privatize the SHM. Jason would veto the measure. The Tarpeia consulship came to an abrupt end in February 2016 and would eventually see a more centrist party leader in Alexander Pompilius become consul.

Conflicts with the Church

Throughout his reign, Jason had a number of difficulties with the church, which strained Latium's relationship with the Pope and Fabria.


Jason died the night of 3 November 2016. His death left the Palace of Augustus in chaos, as there were soon reports of gun fire at the Imperial home well before any announcement of his death was made known to the public. It wasn't until near 11:00 pm that night that his son Michael announced, in a live press briefing, that Jason died of natural causes in his sleep according to his physicians. His eldest two, natural born sons are soon became engaged in a standoff for the Latin throne, after Constantine announced that his brother Michael had initiated a coup following their father's death. In Jason's last will and testament, which Constantine read during a live television broadcast.

Personal Life

Growing up, Jason Augustus was an avid athlete. At age 6 he began playing organized football, and took up golf a year later. While at Olympia, played for the school's football team, initially under the pseudonym Michael Kontostefanos. He would participate on the school's football team for four months until it was leaked to the press he was participating.

He had his first public relationship in these years, when it was officially stated after weeks of speculation that he was dating his future first wife, Stephania Pinaria. The two were wed in 1989 and had their first child in 1990.

Marriage and Issue

Jason Augustus has been married three times since 1987, with his first marriage ending with the death of his wife and his second ending in divorce. His first marriage was to Stephania Pinaria, and lasted from 1987 until her death in 1991. His second marriage was to Zoe Verrucosa and lasted from 1993 until their divorce in 1999. His third and final marriage occurred in 2000 to former Ghantish diplomat and noble, Marsella Atmos.

Suspected Infidelity

Jason Augustus' personal life has been subject to a great deal of controversy since 1992, most notably when it comes to extramarital affairs. First reports began to surface following his wedding night to his second wife, where an unidentified staffer at the Palace of Augustus claims that they say the Emperor enter his chambers with an unidentified woman that wasn't his wife; though these reports were never substantiated. Other reports are linked to an unlawful termination of employment case brought by a former female Imperial Offices staffer in 1996. While the case was ultimately dismissed by the local Inferior Court due to lack of standing, the female staffer in question, Georgia Patercula, claims that she was fired due to her pregnancy - of which she claimed Jason Augustus was the father - but due to the at-will employment of Imperial Offices, as well as sovereign immunity of the Emperor, the case was dismissed on all counts. Two of the most notable instances involve Duchess Honoria Caprenia, and rumors involving Latin filmstar Euphemia Hirria.

The first instance reported surrounds Honoria Caprenia. The Caprenia claims she met Jason VI Augustus at the 1992 Ludi Circenses, following an event where he was at the swearing in of a number of life peers. She claims she was a guest of honor and his personal date. The two were sighted spending time with each other at the event and at the after party. She later gave birth to a baby boy, which she claims is the oldest son of Jason VI Augustus. Jason recognized three illegitimate children: the first and youngest, Violant Claudia de Aultavilla, in 1993, and the twins in 2001.

Personality and Perception

Many consider Jason Augustus to be a pragmatic leader, which has lead to a great deal of discussion over his popularity. He has a history for controversial remarks and off the cuff statements. While little was known in 1991 how he would impact the nation when he was named junior emperor by his father, he has since gained a great deal of popular support for his defense of democracy and fight against corruption following the Group of Ten Affair which implicated nearly all of the Senate leadership, and later the Latin First voter fraud. His handling of these two events have caused him to receive an overwhelming degree of support.

Though many have criticized him for his actions against the church and infidelity during his second marriage. For the first time in over a hundred years, he removed and appointed a Archbishop of Castellum following a refusal to permit him from remarrying following his divorce with Zoe Verrucosa. Both Imperial Offices and the Archbishop's Camerlengo announced that Archbishop Thomas' departure was due to health concerns he and Jason discussed recently. Pope Benedict VIII threatened to excommunicate "any sovereign or government that tampers with internal affairs or members of the clergy." In response, the Senate began to debate a bill that would have required Senatorial approval to see any papal bull or order carried out with in Latium. Talk of excommunication eventually died down following his subsequent marriage to Marsella Atmos and voter fraud crisis that came out of the 2000 general election. In 2006, it was leaked that an executive order of the same language was secretly signed by the him in 1999.

Titles, styles and arms

Titles and Styles

  • 15 December 1963 – 20 May 1997: His Imperial Highness The Prince of Youth
    • 25 December 1963 – 20 May 1997: His Imperial Highness The Duke of Galata
    • 20 May 1997: His Imperial Highness The Duke of Adrianople
  • 20 May 1997 – 3 November 2016: His Imperial Majesty The Emperor

Foreign Honors


Coat of Arms of the Prince of Youth.png
Imperial Coat of Arms of Latium (full).png
Coat of Arms of Jason, Prince of Youth, Imperator Destinatus (1964–1997)
Coat of arms of the Latin Emperor


Name Date of birth Date of death Spouses
By his first wife, Stephania Pinaria (1964 – 1991):
Princess Maria of Latium (1990-07-03) 3 July 1990 (age 29) Had issue
By his second wife, Zoe Verrucosa (b. 1974):
Constantine XX of Latium (1994-03-15) 15 March 1994 (age 26) Alazne Dain (b. 1994); had issue.
Prince Michael of Latium 12 December 1995 3 December 2016(2016-12-03) (aged 20) Never married; had no issue.
Princess Selene of Latium (1997-07-22) 22 July 1997 (age 22) Prince Ardil Hazarasp; had issue.
By his third wife, Marsella Atmos (b. 1966):
Prince Peter of Latium (2000-08-30) 30 August 2000 (age 19)
Princess Polyxena of Latium (2000-08-30) 30 August 2000 (age 19)
Princess Olivia of Latium (2003-11-09) 9 November 2003 (age 16)
Princess Octavia of Latium (2007-02-03) 3 February 2007 (age 13)
Prince Philip of Latium (2011-04-30) 30 April 2011 (age 9)

Jason recognized three illegitimate daughters throughout his life: Violant Claudia de Aultavilla in 1993, and twins, Juturna Orinbere Claudia and Larunda Orinbere, in 2001.

Name Date of birth Date of death Spouses
By Princess Baela of Gauekoizarra (b. 1962):
Princess Juturna of Gauekoizarra (1984-06-03) 3 June 1984 (age 35) Married Maurice Claudius-Veturius, Count of Tenedo; had issue.
Princess Larunda of Gauekoizarra (1984-06-03) 3 June 1984 (age 35) Married Prince Sendoa of Thule; had issue.
By Princess Sibylla of Sydalon (b. 1974):
Violant, Duchess Ostia (1993-08-18) 18 August 1993 (age 26) Married Duke Basilius Ostia


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