Newspapers in Aeia

The Royal Standard, one of Aeia's oldest newspapers

This is a list of newspapers printed and distributed in the Aeia. It includes a list of the newspapers in each nation with the most circulation. Also included within the list are other news outlets that whilst not primarily operating in print format also have print-based distribution networks, either online or on paper. Each newspaper includes information regarding its publication dates, format, establishment, political alignment and any other notable information.



Title Published Format Est. Orientation Notes
(Evening News)
Daily Berliner 1951 Right-wing, liberal Launched in 1951 as part of a government programme to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of Hipasia's independence, but privatised in 1987. Haerev maintains a generally centrist, liberal position on most issues. Notable for printing limited runs in the Golushish and Mzincu minority languages every day, making this Hipasia's only daily paper in those languages.


Title Published Format Est. Orientation Notes
Nasionale Nuusopsomming
(National News Summary)
? ? ? ?


Title Published Format Est. Orientation Notes
Onzaian Central News Agency Daily Web, Television, Radio, and Print (Compact) 1971 N/A Launched as "National News Daily" in 1971 and became a pioneer in broadcast journalism, leading to the rebranding as the OCNA.
The Kunta Chronicle Daily Web and Print (Broadsheet) 1914 Center-Left While not the oldest paper in the country, the Chronicle is best known for establishing and maintaining the KC Stylebook, which has become the industry standard for written journalism.
The Fruit Snack Biweekly Web and Print (Compact) 1984 Satire The nation's most popular source of satire, the Fruit Snack regularly writes articles satirizing Onzaian politics and other international affairs, oftentimes to a controversial reception.



Title Published Format Est. Orientation Notes
(Inostranic Evening)
Daily Web and print (compact) 1830 N/A Aleian Royal Servant Vasil Merer founded Invelden in 1830 to support the Aleian printing industry and promote literacy. The newspaper soon became Aleia's most popular news publication, and still had the highest readership at the end of 2017. As of 1925, the newspaper states itself to be independent of any political orientation, but still adheres to Aleian monarchist laws.


Title Published Format Est. Orientation Notes
Mayawi-ui Mesinjeo
(Mayawi Messenger)
Daily Compact 1946 Center-Left Founded in 1946 the Mayawi Messenger was created to provide news to the large Mayawian population in the Kingdom. The paper publishes a version of the paper in Aquidish and in Cheonsamean. It is a popular tool used in schools to teach students Cheonsamean. The Messenger has just recently overtaken the Torden Times in sales.
The Torden Times
Daily Broadsheet 1781 Classical Liberal The oldest paper in the kingdom, it was founded in 1781. The paper is known for its political reporting, but has recently struggled to compete against the Mayawi Messenger.


Title Published Format Est. Orientation Notes
Akerrau Eguneroko
(The Akerrau Daily)
Daily Compact and digital 1968 Centre-right Founded during the later years of the ASU as a samizdat-style paper spread by several independence movements, it spread very quickly among the Brillian people. After Brillian independence, the paper, now in a refined format, still is a widely-read right-wing newspaper. It supports Renew Brilliania in the legislative election of August 2018.
(The Standard)
Weekly Broadsheet and digital 1984 Centre-left Created as a centre-leftist response to the Akerrau Daily - many well-known social democrats run opinion pages in Estandarra. It supports the Labour Party in the legislative election of August 2018.
(The Bulletin)
Weekly Compact and digital 1987 Centrist Seen as a neutral mediator, this newspaper gives the people a neutral side on major political news such as corruption and politics. It did not bring out a message of support for any party for the legislative election in August 2018.
Egunkari Hobea
(The Better Newspaper)
Monthly Compact and digital 2005 Far-right, de facto party newspaper of Hobeko The most radical newspaper in Brilliania, this newspaper is officially unaffiliated with Hobeko. It supports Hobeko in all issues. Has been under fire in recent years for allegations of foreign funding.
Txakurra bi Ilarrekin
(The Dog with 2 Tails)
Monthly Compact and digital 1996 Satirical, populist Seeking to break the corruption in the government, Txakurra bi Ilarekin pokes fun of Brillian politics, especially the leftist Elkarrekin Movement and their successor, the Labour Party. Since their foundation, Txakurra gives out the well-known Partaidetza Sari Bakarra (Peaceful Politician Award) for the most violent MP. Their non-satirical news site EstiloikGabe is also widely popular amongst Brillian youth. It supports voting for every party on the ballot excluding the Labour Party in the legislative election of August 2018.
n/a digital 2003 describes itself as "unnecessarily hurtful" The more serious side of Txakurra bi Ilarrekin, EstiloikGabe provides serious news in a reading style similar to Txakurra's satirical pieces. Their target audience are men between 15 and 35 years old. Their weekly "Images from the Basements of Akerrau" posts, ridiculing feminists and so-called "obsesionatuta" (people who are extremely obsessed about a certain subject, like cartoons) often attracts controversy from radical feminists due to "misogynistic" content. It supports Renew Brilliania in the legislative election of August 2018.
(The People)
Weekly Tabloid and digital 1988 Right-wing populist Mostly seen as "gutter feed", Jendea is mostly known for extremely populist opinions and celebrity gossip. It supports the Brilliania Not For Sale Movement in the legislative election of August 2018.


Title Published Format Est. Orientation Notes
Crylante 24 Daily Compact 1992 Pro-Crylante, apolitical While it is not technically a newspaper, Crylante 24 is the most common source of news within Crylante. It is a state owned news company which aims to provide unbiased news from a Crylantian perspective.
The Goat Daily Tabloid 1905 Centre-right, populist, agrarian The Goat is an Rigjordic tabloid, known for its nationalistic and agrarian political tendencies. It is the largest tabloid within Crylante, and was founded in 1905.
The Daily Pigeon Daily Broadsheet 1940 Centre-left, A centre-left broadsheet based in Lentini, The Daily Pidgeon is the second largest paper in Crylante, founded in 1940. It publishes in Lilledelic.
The Sønderburg Post Daily Broadsheet 1900 Classical liberal A classical liberal broadsheet founded in 1900, the Sønderburg Post publishes news in both of the major languages of the Crylantian Federation.
Neititsnot Oraakkeli
(Neitisnot Oracle)
Daily Compact 1901 Centre-right A centre-right newspaper based in Neititsnot. The Oracle is the largest Nausikaan based publication in Crylante and primarily serves the country's Nausikaan speaking population.


Title Published Format Est. Orientation Notes
(The Daily Paper)
Daily Broadsheet 1918 Moderate The Daily Paper (commonly referred to as "the Daily") is the oldest newspaper in Glanodel, founded in 1918 by Per Thorsen. Although it has been accused of favoring numerous political ideologies, the newspaper officially states that it attempts to convey current events impartially and without bias. The Daily is owned by the state-sponsored NDN corporation.
Trúathske Dagblad
(Trúathi Today)
Weekly Broadsheet 1923 Trúathist democracy
E. E. Daily Tabloid 1956 Apolitical
The Vænholm Post Daily Boardsheet 1919 Liberal
(Sunday Bulletin)
Weekly Broadsheet 1920 Conservative
Dagbladet Vænholm
(Vænholm Daily)
Daily Broadsheet 1941 Liberal satirical
Dagbladet Graylund
(Graylund Daily)
Daily Broadsheet 1942 Conservative satirical


Title Published Format Est. Orientation Notes
Hergemoth Royal News
(Hergemoth Koniglich Nachtrichten)
Daily Print, Web, Broadsheet 1898 Pro-Monarchy, Right-wing, Conservative Set up in 1898 by the Rijkskanselier as the Heinrich I Memorial Newspaper, it soon became the most prominent nationwide paper in the country. It's initial popularity came from it's "War Reports" from West Asura. It's name was changed to Hergemoth Royal News in 1969 after the Red Blue Coup. It reports Daily in most forms.


Title Published Format Est. Orientation Notes
The Royal Standard
(The Royal Standard)
Daily Broadsheet 1843 N/A Founded in 1843 by Midrasian Prince Luix as a personal venture, the Royal Standard is one of Aeia's most widely circulating newspapers, praised for its in-depth, neutral reporting and investigatory journalism. Today the newspaper continues to operate under the auspices of the Midrasian Royal Society.
Esquile de la Libertat
(Liberty Bell)
Daily Web and Print (Compact) 2005 Centre-left, Liberal The modern incarnation of the Liberty Bell formed in 2005 is a re-release of the original Liberty Bell news magazine that was discontinued in 1999. Although the Liberty Bell is now primarily an online publication, it continues to produce a small number of print editions. It is seen as a key backer of the Progressive Party in Midrasian politics.
Le Picayune
(The Picayune)
Bi-weekly Compact 1953 Satirical The Picayune is a satirical publication, renowned for its lampooning of public figures and investigatory work into revolving door politics and political scandals. The Picayune is perhaps most famous today for its role in the resignation of Midrasian Prime Minister Charles Vauban.


Title Published Format Est. Orientation Notes
(The Gazette)
Daily Web and Print (Tabloid) 1922 Centre-left, regionalist Founded in 1922 by the Ostric People's Party as a publication promoting independence of Ostry from Navack, Gazeta shifted to more moderate and status-quo positions after the People's Party disaffiliated from the paper in 1972. Today, the paper is the most-widely read local media in Ostry, and follows a normally centre-left and regionalist orientation in its articles. Since 2008, Gazeta is mainly active online, although it continues its print editions on a daily basis.


Title Published Format Est. Orientation Notes
Newreyaxx Eorde
(The Newreyan Globe)
? ? ? ?

Tir Lhaeraidd

Title Published Format Est. Orientation Notes
Crynodeb Newyddion Cenedlaethol
(National News Summary)
? ? ? ?


Title Published Format Est. Orientation Notes
El Estandard de los Trabajodores
(The Workers' Standard)
? ? ? Left-wing, Marxism-Leninism


Title Published Format Est. Orientation Notes
Ustiena Ništimièn
(Era Daily News)
Daily Tabloid 1901 Left-wing, Democratic Socialism Ustiena is a Vrnallian daily tabloid based in Dvrieska City, Vrnallia. The paper was founded by the Vrnallian Socialist Party in 1901, with ownership transferred to the Ustiena Publishing Group cooperative in 1941. The paper still is largely supportive of the Socialist Party, and has mirrored that party's shift from democratic socialism to social democracy over the years.
Kovij Miejnu
(Voice of the Nation)
? ? ? ?
Aška Mièn
(Homeland News)
? ? 1911-1962 ?



Title Published Format Est. Orientation Notes
CPSN3 ? ? ? ?


Title Published Format Est. Orientation Notes
Narodni List
(People's Paper)
Daily Broadsheet 1935 Centrist best-selling daily newspaper, centrist
Dnevne Novosti
(Daily News)
Daily Broadsheet 1969 Left-wing, social liberalism
Elazijski List
(Elhazian Paper)
Daily Broadsheet 1994 Right-wing, conservative
Daily Broadsheet 1971 Centre-left
Metropola Daily Tabloid 2003 free daily newspaper in the city of Domanov
(The Wreath)
Weekly Broadsheet 1869 Centre-right cultural issues and news


Title Published Format Est. Orientation Notes
(Southwest Daily)
Daily Broadsheet 1922 Centre-left Southwest Daily was founded in 1922 as a local Zhongwan paper. However, good circulation numbers eventually elevated the Daily's status into a national paper.
(Emperor's Daily)
Daily Broadsheet 1881 Centrist The Emperor's Daily was founded in 1881 by the Goulongese government as the nation's first-ever newspaper with a nation-wide scope. With the overthrow of the ruling monarchy in 1897, revolutionaries seized control of the paper and freed it from control of the government, running the paper for three years after the revolution. Due to its centrist reporting and former government support from its revolutionary roots, the paper is Goulong's most popular.
(The Tiger Times)
Daily Tabloid 1978 Centre-right, Populist Founded in 1977 and gaining instant popularity among Goulong's working class, centre-right Tiger Times is Goulong's most popular tabloid.


Title Published Format Est. Orientation Notes
Sükhbaatar Government News Agency Daily Web, Television, Radio, and Print (Compact) 1942 N/A Implemented during the People's Republic of Sükhbaatar and launched officially, with its first newspaper being published in 1942 during the pre-Byambasüren-Yanjmaan Period, it was the only legal form of media. However during the Byambasüren-Yanjmaan Period, media soon became a right to people due to the early liberalization of the country in an effort to set itself different from other communist countries at the time. It remains the most popular media agency in Sükhbaatar, and is controlled by the Sükhbaataryn Ministry of Media and Propaganda.
The Eastern Times Weekly Radio and Print (Broadsheet) 1910 Right-Leaning The oldest print news agency that is still in business within the country, the Eastern Times are only avaliable to residents within the Special Eastern Port District. The Eastern Times maintains the 1909 era Tsedenban Media Style. During the establishment of the People's Republic, the Eastern Times became a black-market newspaper company until the introduction of the Byambasüren-Yanjmaan Period and the reforms of that period. It is by far the most right-leaning newspaper within the country, however has started to lose competition with the XXXX POlitical Party Newspaper.





Title Published Format Est. Orientation Notes
Volksstimme Internationale
(People's Voice International)
Weekly News Article 2017 General News & Debate, Neutral Political orientation Implemented in late 2016 during the Ovan Civil War, VSI is the sole official news service in Ovandera and is the only "federated news-agency" in the world. The organization runs off a mixture of state and public funding and commits itself to politically neutral, "hard-facts" reporting on both domestic and international affairs, while also releasing a series of opinion pieces, critiques & intellectual pieces, citizen and international interviews, and political debates on recent and longterm topics.


Title Published Format Est. Orientation Notes
Dagligje avisen
(The Daily News)
Daily News Article 1866 Monarchist, right-wing Established in 1866 as Nordhurlant's first newspaper, the Daily News offers a skewed view of Nordhurlant as a country. It focuses mainly of the glorification of the monarchy and the Nordhurlandic elite, while offering insights into Nordhic culture and general news topics in Nordhurlant, though shying away from reporting dissent.
Etalnuloqomoqwātaqeklusūaqan/Avis affenlig
(Public Newspaper)
Daily News Article 1990 Monarchist, right-wing Established in 1990 following the Popular Language Act of 1989, the Public Newspaper of Nordhurlant is bilingual, written in both Tapetihan and Nordhic. It too glorifies the monarchy in an attempt to continue to exist, as the government rules are quite strict. This newspaper publishes the general news of Nordhurlant.
Liiduriik ühenduse ajad
(Liidurian Community Times)
Weekly News Article 1990 Monarchist, right-wing The Liidurian Community Times were also established in 1990 following the Popular Language Act, though the government would have likely allowed it beforehand as Liidurian is an Asuran language. The Liidurian Community Times produces weekly content pertaining to the small Liidurian minority in Nordhurlant.



Title Published Format Est. Orientation Notes
Ensemble! Daily Web, Television, and Print (Broadsheet) 1922 left-wing Originally a publication distributed among leftist circles in Jukubwaville, Ensemble was a largely underground printing until the 1940s, as dissenting voices against the government gradually became the only reliable source of information on the numerous crimes perpetrated by the authorities of the time. Ensemble was utilized to distribute coded messages between cells of revolutionaries during the Batisuria Long War, and became the official government publication following the 1952 Revolution. Though largely supportive of the government, it is well known for its motto of "Franc parler, pas de conneries" (Straight Talk, No Jive), highlighting its hard-hitting and still unforgiving approach regarding investigative journalism. Its focus is largely on domestic and Majulan news, though major events worldwide are also covered.
Les Murmures Daily Web and Print (Broadsheet) 1978 Nonpartisan, Economics, Business
Le Vache Réel Daily Web, with Limited Television and Print Runs 1989 Satire, Generally left-wing Started as a zine circulated among a network of university journalism clubs in the late 1980s, Le Vache Réel is a notably irreverent satirical paper which gains its main following through short online publications released daily. Le Vache Réel lampoons traditional newsprints from around the world, using their style to bring underreported stories further into public consciousness. As it has gained popularity, it briefly aired a television program from 2009 to 2013, though shorter versions of the program with the original television cast online.



Title Published Format Est. Orientation Notes
PAPAHANAUMOKUAKEA Daily Broadsheet 1932 Centre-Left Part of the Ajerrin News Network (ANN), PAPA is a centre-left daily based in Lahui. The paper is known for its political reporting and has offices across Savai.