Prince Louis Ferdinand, Duke of Rahdenburg

Louis Ferdinand I
Prince of Liothidia
Duke of Rahdenburg
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Elector of Morinia
Grand Duke of Polnitsa
Reign18 June 2001 – present
PredecessorMaximilian V
Heir apparentWilhelm
Head of the House of Hechenreyt
Tenure22 April 1997 – present
Heir apparentPrince Wilhelm
Born (1959-10-01) 1 October 1959 (age 60)
Fakolanum, Fakolana
Full name
Louis Ferdinand Heinrich Albert Michael Prinz von Liothidia
FatherPrince Heinrich, Duke of Rahdenburg
MotherPrincess Bessandra of Ghant
ReligionFabrian Catholic

Prince Louis Ferdinand, Duke of Rahdenburg (Louis Ferdinand Heinrich Albert Michael Prinz von Liothidia; 1 October 1959) is the Monarch of Morinia-Polntisa.

Since 1997, he has claimed to be the disputed head of the House of Hechenreyt, the former ruling dynasty of Liothidian Empire. He is the great-grandson and claimed heir of Heinrich III, the last Liothidian monarch who was deposed and executed during the 1916 Liothidian Revolution.

Early life and career

Louis Ferdinand was born on 1 October 1959, in Fakolanum, Fakolana, to Heinrich, Prince of Liothidia and Princess Bessandra of Ghant. He is the oldest of four children: Frederick, and Bathilda, and Brunhilda. Louis Ferdinand was baptized into the Fabrian Church in January 1960, in Fabria.

He spent much of his time as a child in Latium, and was educated by private tutors and later attended Academia Sanctus Paul-Taphioia, near the Latin-Lihnidosi border. He briefly attended University College Loweport, in Arthurista, for his university education, but dropped out before earning a degree in favor of enlisting in the Latin Armed Forces at his father's command. Louis Ferdinand then enrolled at Academia Militaris Olympia, which he has often described was "a hell on earth." While at Olympia, he was known simply as von Liothidia ("of Liothidia"). He was eventually commissioned into the Army, and served in the 11th Mountain Legion. He left the armed forces after three years of service and enrolled at Alba School of Economics and Business.

Louis Ferdinand is the chairman of the Rahdenburg Foundation, a charity he created in 1984 with his first wife, Princess Marie. The foundation has been accused of self-dealing practices. In addition, he remains the owner of Köstritz Consulting, which was also established by his first wife.

Louis Ferdinand is fluent in Latin, Ghantish, Anglic, and Liothidian. He is conversant in Audonias.

House of Hechenreyt

Louis Ferdinand first laid claim to the Head of the House of Hechenreyt on 23 April 1997 after his father's death. His claim rests on the belief that the line of senior line of August-Wilhelm, Crown Prince of Liothidia lost its dynastic rights due to Johannes Ernest, 3rd Duke of Falkenhayn being a member of the Church of Lyncanestria which forfeits succession rights; the claim also rests on the belief that the line of Prince Friedrich-Johannes of Liothidia lost its dynastic rights due to the morganatic marriage of {Claimant} in YEAR. Louis Ferdinand's claim was not asserted by his father, though Louis Ferdinand has since stated that his father intended to assert a claim as the most legitimate dynastic line as early as 1980.

Since claiming primacy as heir over the House of Hechenreyt, Louis Ferdinand has repeatedly attempted to sue the Liothdian government for the right of re-entry into the country. No member of the House of Hechenreyt has entered Liothidia since the revolution. Louis Ferdinand has attempted to sue the Liothidian government for compensation in seized property, though thus far has failed. He officially holds no citizenship, though travels freely on a Ghantish diplomatic passport as Louis Ferdinand Prinz von Liothidia ("Louis Ferdinand, Prince of Liothidia"). He previously utilized a Latin diplomatic passport, though it was revoked in 1997.

Upon his father's death, Louis Ferdinand also inherited the Dukedom of Paterculum, a title in the Peerage of Latium. He disclaimed himself of any rights to the title on 4 January 1998, and was succeeded by his eldest son, Prince Wilhelm, as the 5th duke.

Monarch of Morinia-Polnitsa


In 1978, Louis Ferdinand became engaged to Marie, Duchess of Köstritz, heir and last surviving member of the House of Köstritz, a former Liothidian noble family and Dukes of Köstritz. They married on 22 August 1979 at Schivenoglia Cathedral, in Fabria. The wedding was attended by members of the deposed Liothidian imperial family, as well as members of foreign and papal nobility. Louis Ferdinand and his wife Marie resided in Loweport, Arthurista after their marriage, where Marie was employed as a consultant in Loweport before creating her own firm, Köstritz Consulting, in 1985. Louis Ferdinand and Princess Marie had two children, Louise, whom was born in 1982, and Alice, born 1985. The marriage ended in 1986, following an assassination attempt on Louis Ferdinand while he and Princess Marie were visiting second cousin John Ernest, Duke of Falkenhayn in Lyncanestria. Louis Ferdinand has since claimed that the incident was orchestrated by {Liothidian agency}, but the Liothidian government has since denied all responsibility.

Louis Ferdinand married Alexandra Gentry-Ravenna on 4 April 1990. He and Alexandra were introduced by then Jason, Prince of Youth, and Jason's wife Stephania Pinaria, whom was a relative of Alexandra. Alexandra is the youngest child and only daughter of Victor Gentry-Ravenna, Duke of Ravenna. He and Alexandra resided in Latium for the majority of their marriage, which was considered rocky at best to most that knew them. The pair had three children, Beatrice (b. 1990), Wilhelm (b. 1992), and Reinhardt (b. 1995). The marriage was rumored to be plagued with affairs. In late 1995, Louis Ferdinand was arrested by Latin police in the city of Colonia Augusta after a domestic dispute between him and Alexandra. While charges were never filed against Louis Ferdinand, his marriage to Alexandra ended in divorce on 17 June 1996. Both he and Alexandra have refused to speak publicly about the divorce.


Name Date of birth Date of death Spouses
By Marie, Duchess of Köstritz (1957–1986):
Louise, Duchess of Köstritz (1982-05-03) 3 May 1982 (age 37) Married Rudolf, Duke of Holbæk; had issue.
Princess Alice (1985-05-01) 1 May 1985 (age 34) Married PLACEHOLDER; had issue.
By Alexandra Gentry-Ravenna (b. 1966):
Beatrice, Crown Princess of Dakmoor (1990-12-30) 30 December 1990 (age 28) Married Martin, Crown Prince of Dakmoor; had issue.
Prince Wilhelm (1992-08-04) 4 August 1992 (age 27) Married Princess Alyssa of Staalmark.
Prince Reinhardt (1995-02-28) 28 February 1995 (age 24) Not yet married
By Philippa of the Palatinate:
Princess Elizabeth (2000-04-19) 19 April 2000 (age 19) Not yet married
Princess Louis (2003-06-09) 9 June 2003 (age 16) Not yet married

Titles, styles and honors

Titles and styles

  • 19 May 1993 – 18 June 2001: His Royal Highness The Hereditary Grand Duke of Polnitsa
  • 18 June 2001 – present: His Royal Highness The Grand Duke of Polnitsa
    • 18 June 2001 – present: His Serene Highness The Elector of Morinia

In pretence

  • 1 October 1959 – 22 April 1997: His Royal Highness Prince Louis Ferdinand of Rahdenburg
  • 22 April 1997 – present: His Imperial and Royal Highness The Prince of Liothidia



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Prince Louis Ferdinand, Duke of Rahdenburg
Born: 1 October 1959
Titles in pretence
Preceded by
Kaiser of Liothidia
Reason for succession failure:
Empire abolished in 1916
Heir apparent:
Prince Wilhelm