Prince Michael of Latium

Prince Michael
Prince of Latium
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Born12 May 1995
Questros Palace, Thessalona, Salonika, Belfras
Died2 December 2016(2016-12-02) (aged 21)
Palace of Augustus, Castellum, Latium
10 December 2016
Imperial Crypt, Palatine, Castellum
Full name
Flavius Claudius Nero Michael Iohnnes Iason
FatherJason VI Augustus
MotherZoe Verrucosa
ReligionFabrian Catholic

Prince Michael of Latium (Flavius Claudius Nero Michael Iohnnes Iason; 12 May 1995 – 2 December 2016) was a Latin prince and the second eldest child of Latin Emperor Jason VI Augustus and his second wife Zoe Verrucosa.

Prince Michael studied at Galata College, at the University of Haenna prior to the November 2016 death of his father Emperor Jason VI Augustus. Prince Michael became infamous for his role in the 2016 succession crisis. Following the death of his father, Prince Michael controlled Castellum ab Alba and a number of other surrounding local governments, leading to the succession crisis. He was killed on 2 December 2016 by Adrian Ulpius-Tarpeius, 4th Duke of Haenna at the Palace of Augustus in Castellum which ended the crisis.

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