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Society of Latin Peoples and States

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Society of Latin Peoples and States

  • Societas de Latina Populique Civitatis (Latin)
Logo of
Members (green) of the Society of Latin Peoples.
Members (green) of the Society of Latin Peoples.
HeadquartersLatium Castellum ab Alba, Latium
• President
Constantine XX Claudius
• First Secretary
• Chair-in-Office
• Foundation

The Society of Latin Peoples and States (Latin: Societas de Latina Populique Civitatis, often abbreviated as SLP or SLPC) is an international organization of countries or regions where Latin is the national or customary language, or has an affiliation with Latin culture. Its purpose is to promote intergovernmental cooperation among its members, and to aid in the planning and development of regional projects in education, science, technology and the arts. The organization also consists of numerous organizations, whether private or government sponsored, that promote ties among the members in different areas where Latin people played a significant role historically, culturally, militarily or politically.

The SLP secretariat was formerly based in Ascanium, the former capital of Latium at the time of the organizations founding, and is now based in Castellum ab Alba, maintaining regional offices in Thessalona, Belfras and Kahrash, Alanahr. The organization is formally led by Latin Emperor, currently Constantine XX Claudius. The First Secretary serves as the head of the SLP secretariat, and represents the SLP internationally. The current First Secretary is PLACEHOLDER, who has served since XXXX. The SLP Summit is the preeminent political event of the organization, held on a biennial basis. The organization sponsors an athletic tournament every four years between athletes and teams from member states known as the Ludi Civitatis.