2020 United States presidential election

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2020 United States presidential election

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444 members of the Electoral College
223 electoral votes needed to win
  Tom Cotton official Senate photo.jpg Jeff Merkley, 115th official photo.jpg
Nominee Clarence Wiggins Finley Porter
Party Republican Democratic
Home state Michigan British Columbia
Running mate Fredrick Itcheon Susan Lane
Electoral vote 321 123
States carried 35 11
Popular vote 85,568,857 42,160,344
Percentage 61.7% 30.4%

  Jacky Rosen, official portrait, 116th congress.jpg Rob Portman portrait.jpg
Nominee Jackylen Walters Aurther Lincoln
Party Greater Unionist Party Tea Party
Home state New York Rhode Island
Running mate Edward Clark Michael H. Dougless
Electoral vote 0 0
States carried 0 0
Popular vote 5,270,043 4,437,930
Percentage 3.8% 3.2%

President before election

Clarence Wiggins

Elected President

Clarence Wiggins

The 2020 United States presidential election was the 59th quadrennial presidential election in the United States, held on Tuesday November 3, 2020. The Republican ticket of President Clarence Wiggins and Vice President Fredrick Itcheon defeated the Democratic ticket of former governor of British Columbia Finley Porter and U.S. senator from Maine Susan Lane. The Republican Party won in the largest electoral landslide since Ronald Reagan.