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| minister          = Gábriel Itthon
| minister          = Gábriel Itthon
| minister_title    = Minister for Defence
| minister_title    = Minister for Defence
| commander          =Field Marshal Izsák Oszkár Nyitrai
| commander_title    =Chief of the Royal Defence Force
<!-- Manpower -->
<!-- Manpower -->
| age                =  
| age                =  

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Royal Defence Force
Királyi Védelmisereg
Emblem of the Royal Defence Force
Service branchesGranzerian Ground Forces

Granzerian Navy

Granzerian Air Force
HeadquartersHűségesvár, Granzery
Karoly IIIKing
Minister for DefenceGábriel Itthon
Chief of the Royal Defence ForceField Marshal Izsák Oszkár Nyitrai
Conscription2 Years
Available for
military service
TBA, age 15–49
Fit for
military service
TBA, age 15–49
Active personnelTBA
Reserve personnelTBA
Budget$38.1 billion (2017)
Percent of GDP2.6%

The Királyi Védelmisereg (KVS) (English: Royal Defence Force) is the military organisation responsible for the defence of the Kingdom of Granzery. It consists of the Granzerian Ground Forces, Granzerian Navy and Granzerian Air Force.



The Royal Defence force is split into Hadtests (Army Corps), Osztalys (Divisions) and Harci Ezred (Combat Regiments), the smallest independently operating formation is the Combat Regiment, but Osztalys and Hadtests often include independent combat Battalions.


Nuclear weapons

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