Jeseko disaster

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Jeseko Disaster
Image of the J. V. Kazanović Nuclear power plant on the morning of the accident
DateDecember 28, 2020 (2020-12-28)
LocationJ. V. Kazanović Nuclear Power plant, Jeseko, Valma province,  Kentalis
TypeNuclear accident
CauseReactor design flaws and serious breach of savety protocol.
OutcomeANAR 10 level Disaster, 29.000km2 Square kilometre zone contaminated, large amount of contamination across Laurentine gulf.
2 killed directly, 29 from radiation related sickness
Displaced345,000-350,000 displaced

The Jeseko Disaster was a nuclear accident which took place at the J. V. Kazanović Nuclear Power Plant in Kentalis, reactor 3 of the nuclear power plant exploded during a routine savety test.



Crisis managment

International response