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Anterian Nuclear Accident Rating

The Anterian Nuclear Accident Rating (ANAR) is a scale to measure nuclear accidents which happen on Anteria.


There are 10 levels on the list, of which 4 are incidents, 5 are accidents and 1 is disaster. There is also a scale zero for slight abnormalities, but it is rarely used.

The level on the scale is determined by the highest of three scores: off-site effects, on-site effects, and defense in depth degradation.

Level Classification Description Examples
Catastrophe Enormous inpact on enviroment and population
  • Enormous release of nuclear material.
To date, there has only been one level 10 accident.
  • 2020 Jeseko Disaster, Kentalis. Unit 3 of the J. V. Kazanvić nuclear power plant suffers a major explosion, since this accident has occured just now, details will be added later.
Major Accident Major inpact on enviroment and population
  • Major release of nuclear material.
To date, there has not been any level 9 accident.
Wide-spread accident Big Inpact on enviroment and population
  • Significant release of nuclear material.
  • 1961 Tarashin Disaster, Qazhshava. An Explosion of buried nuclear waste from a plutonium-processing plant near Tarashin, Zalistan, Qazhshava, caused an estimated 19,000 km squared to be contaminated and hundreds of deaths.
Accident with national consequences. Small Inpact on enviroment and population
  • Limited release of nuclear material, possible deaths from radiation.
  • 1952 Felixi Reactor meltdown, Kistolia. A meltdown in the Felixi reactor caused a leak which irradiated a 15 kilometer zone.
Accident with regional consequences Small leak of nuclear material.
  • Little to no release of nuclear material, heavy damage to reactor vessel.
  • 1961 Endelsei Reactor Disaster, Kistolia. A meltdown in the Endelsei Reactor caused a leak wich irradiated a 4 kilometer zone.
Accident with minor consequences Damage to reactor vessel.
  • No release of nuclear material, damage to reactor vessel.
Serious incident Near accident
  • Near-accident at a nuclear power plant with no safety provisions remaining.
  • 1986 J. V. Kazanvić fire, Kentalis. A fire in the turbine hall of unit 2 caused serious damage to turbines, 2 cases of cancer were directed back to this accident.
Incident Minor exposure to staff
  • Minor nuclear exposure to workers of the nuclear plant.
Abnormality Almost no exposure to staff
  • Minor problems with safety components.
Deviation No safety significance