Scorpian Federation

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Scorpia, known as the Scorpian Federation, its official name being the United Federation of Scorpia, is a country in Southern Elisia, with its population at 42 million and 333.701 square kilometers, being one of the most densely populated nations in Telrova at 125.9 people per square kilometer.

Culture: Scorpia has many cultures in its country, in which some include Scorpian, Solovetskan, Moskovian, Viskarian and more. In 2026, the General-Commander of Scorpia, Boris Chernenko, attempted to destroy Solovetskan and Viskarian culture, however, he was shot by a Boratstanian Assassin, resulting in the Boratstanian-Scorpian War.

Territories: The Scorpian Federation is comprised of 5 territories, which are ranked in order of liveability in the territory:





Northern Deserts