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| predecessor = [[Far Left Group (Tarper)|Far Left Group]]
| predecessor = [[Far Left Group (Tarper)|Far Left Group]]
| merged =  
| merged =  
| successor = [[Communist Party of Tarper]]<br/>Several communist and socialist parties of former imperial states<br/>{{small|(All not legal successors)}}
| successor = [[Communist Party of Tarper|Tarperti Section of the Socialist Party]]<br/>Several communist and socialist parties of former imperial states<br/>{{small|(All not legal successors)}}
| headquarters =  
| headquarters =  
| newspaper = ''The Socialist Worker''
| newspaper = ''The Socialist Worker''

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United Socialist Democratic Party

Parti Démocrate Socialiste Uni
Zjednoczona Partia Socjalistyczno Demokratyczna
Partito Democratico Socialista Unito
Forenede Socialistiske Demokratiske Parti
Verenigde Socialistische Democratische Partij
Vereinigte Sozialistische Demokratische Partei
FounderCharles Mark
FoundedMay 1, 1860 (1860-05-01)
DissolvedMarch 21, 1890 (1890-03-21)
Preceded byFar Left Group
Succeeded byTarperti Section of the Socialist Party
Several communist and socialist parties of former imperial states
(All not legal successors)
NewspaperThe Socialist Worker
Trade unionImperial Congress for Labour
National Workers' Confederation
Political positionLeft-wing
National affiliationFederalist Union
Colors     Red
Slogan"For Socialism in Our Lifetime"
AnthemThe Internationale
Party flag
Flag of the Far Left Group Tarper.svg

The United Socialist Democratic Party, abbreviated as USDP and commonly referred to as the Socialists or Social Democrats, was a socialist and Marxist party present in the politics and National Imperial Congress of the Platesan Empire after the 1848 Revolution. Though the party never held the office of Imperator, it did manage to garner a large presence in the Imperial Congress during its thirty year existence.

The party is known for having produced various distinguished socialist and communist leaders of the late 19th and early 20th century. Among these leaders are; Ernesto Rivero, of Tarper, Guillame Lafayette, of Plamyadia, Gerard Landman, of Apostoli, and William Herrera, of La Madrepatria.



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