2006 Ogino Tornado

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2006 Ogino Tornado
EF5 tornado
Ogino Tornado.jpeg
Tornado captured on TOGN's tower cam as it approached downtown Ogino.
FormedJune 29, 2006, 1:17 p.m. TST
Duration2 hours, 26 minutes
DissipatedJune 29, 2006, 3:43 p.m. TST
Max. ratingEF5 tornado
Highest winds215 mph (345 km/h)
DamageT$2.35 billion
($3.52 billion NSD)
Casualties84 fatalities, 200+ injuries
(Second deadliest tornado in Torisakia history)
Areas affectedPort Arkford in Presidents City and Weymouth, Lancet, Ogino in Ogino (part of a larger outbreak)

The 2006 Ogino tornado, also known as the 2006 Independence Day Tornado, was an extremely violent and long-track EF5 tornado that destroyed and devastated several towns in the city districts of Presidents City and Ogino including the downtown city of Ogino during the early afternoon of June 29, 2006, which was Independence Day in Torisakia. It was the largest and deadliest tornado of the June 27-30 Tornado Outbreak (colloquially known as the Independence Week Outbreak). The tornado reached a maximum width of 1.34 miles (2.15 km) and was estimated to have peak winds of 215 mph (345 km/h). The tornado killed 84 people, making it the deadliest tornado in Ogino city district history, and injured at least 155 others. It is the longest track tornado in Torisakian history with a damage path of 202 mi (325 km). as well as the second deadliest tornado in Torisakia history behind the Deumond, Dorrsville tornado of 1947.

Meteorological synopsis

The environmental conditions leading up to the Independence Week Outbreak were considered to be the most highly favorable to tornadoes documented in Torisakia over the past 20 years. On June 27, an upper-level shortwave trough moved into the southwestern city districts from Yasui to Auerila to Presidents City. Instability, low-level moisture, and wind shear all fueled the tornado outbreak over this area, with around 22 tornadoes touching down on this day. On June 28, a low pressure area traveled eastward along with the shortwave trough and another 26 tornadoes touched down on this day. Finally the outbreak culminated on June 29, independence day in Torisakia, with multiple episodes of tornadic activity throughout the day in the northern city districts. Extreme wind shear, high potential for rotating updrafts in supercells, and ample moisture that led to daytime temperatures of 82-87 °F (27-30 °C) and dewpoints of 77-83 °F (25-28 °C).

Tornado Summary



The tornado left a 202 mile path of destruction from the east-southeast Presidents City and west-northwest Ogino city districts. The tornado killed 84 people, including 53 people in the city of Ogino alone. It caused roughly T$2.35 billion of property damage, making it the costliest single tornado in Torisakia history at the time. This would be surpassed in 2015 by Hurricane Lucas, a Category 4 hurricane that struck Gonzalez Isle and caused over T$3.3 billion in damage. The Ogino tornado was also the last to strike the downtown of a major city in Torisakia until the 2015 Douglas-La Pryor tornado.