2018 IDU Film Festival

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3rd IDU Film Festival
DateNovember 19, 2018 (2018-11-19)
SiteButtercity, Lauchenoiria
Hosted byLauchenoiria
Best FilmThe Letter
Best ActorJune Peters

The 2018 International Democratic Union Film Festival was held in November of 2018, in Lauchenoiria, for the purpose of honoring IDU cinema. During the festival, delegations from nine nations within the IDU voted on winners in four categories. Films were screened in cinemas throughout Buttercity, before being voted on. Gnejs won in the category of 'Best New IDU Film' with their submission 'The Letter' and was therefore awarded the right to host in 2019. The 2018 IDU Film Festival was also notable in that it featured the introduction of a new category for entries, the Best Documentary/Non-Fiction Film category.

Best New IDU Film

The category 'Best New IDU Film' is the most prestigious of the awards presented at the IDU Film Festival, and the nation which submitted the winner of the category becomes the next host nation of the Festival. The award recognizes the best overall IDU film released during the year of 2018. Four entries were submitted in this category. The submissions, and the number of votes each garnered, are shown below.

  • The Letter (Gnejs) - 6 votes
  • 'Urrth’hro True, Night-Hunter: The Case of the Silver BereWolf' (Bears Armed) - 2 votes
  • 'A Wall' (Libertas Omnium Maximus) - 1 vote
  • 'His Numbering Clock' (Conternia) - 0 votes

Best IDU Classic Film

This category honors the best IDU films released prior to 2014. Five entries were submitted in this category.

  • The Boarding-School (Laeral) - 5 votes
  • 'Artos of Nutwood' (Bears Armed) - 2 votes
  • 'Ludos Labyrinthos' (Libertas Omnium Maximus) - 2 votes
  • 'Gewehr' (Shuell) - 0 votes
  • 'Sobre Una Estrella Fugaz' (Lauchenoiria) - 0 votes

Best Actor in an IDU Film

This category honors actors within the IDU who have appeared in a film since 2010. Submissions were required to cite a single role. Three entries were submitted in this category.

  • June Peters for her role in 'The Economics of Love' (Lauchenoiria) - 5 votes
  • Olivier Beauvais for his role in 'The Boarding-School' (Laeral) - 3 votes
  • George Benson for his role in 'Unhinged' (Libertas Omnium Maximus' - 0 votes

Best Documentary/Non-Fiction Film

This category, news to the Film Festival this year, honors the best IDU non-fiction film released since 2014. Four entries were submitted.

  • What The Janitor Saw (United New England) - 6 votes
  • 'Life In Iffurrien' (Bears Armed) - 3 votes
  • 'Cheese Curds: Inside the Toboran Cheese Industry' (Tobora) - 0 votes
  • 'What's In a Name?' (Laeral) - 0 votes

Best Foreign Film

This category, honoring the best film produced in 2018 outside of the IDU, did not receive any entries. Therefore, the award was not given.