2019 Paquadorian coup d'état

2019 Paquadorian coup d'état
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Paquadorian soldiers guard TV station
Date25 April 2019

Military coup successful

  • Alfredo Sanchez arrested
  • National Congress dissolved
  • Constitution suspended
  • Waldo Gustavo Prat named President
  • Military junta takes power
Flag of Paquador.png Government of Paquador Flag of Paquador.png Paquadorian Armed Forces
Commanders and leaders
Flag of Paquador.png President Alfredo Sanchez Flag of Paquador.png General Waldo Gustavo Prat
Casualties and losses
31 killed

On the morning of 25 April 2019, Paquadorian President Alfredo Sanchez was removed from power by General Waldo Gustavo Prat with the backing of the Paquadorian Armed Forces. Sanchez was detained and Prat was declared president.