2026 Liberto-Ancapistanian general election

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2026 Liberto-Ancapistanian general election

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260 seats needed for a majority
  First party Second party Third party
Leader Pierre Macs Rouya Arjmand Mişk Güney
Party Progress Libertarian Party Social Democratic Party
Seats before 236 141 52

  Fourth party Fifth party Sixth party
Leader Ameus Grey Louay Rushdie Dante Baroffico
Party Minarchist Coalition PILM Populist Party
Seats before 31 13 0

Chancellor before election

Casimir Bergen

Elected Chancellor


The 2026 Liberto-Ancapistanian general election will be held on Friday, 3 April 2026, to elect the 36th House of Commons of Liberto-Ancapistan. All 520 seats in the House of Commons will be up for election, including 20 newly created seats representing the autonomous regions of Compacipo and the Fayre Islands for the first time.

The term of the Third Bergen Government, beginning after the 2024 general election, saw relative stability both domestically and internationally compared to to the tumult of previous Progress governments, with a Progress-BFP coalition ending the 2023-2025 Santian Autonomy Crisis after protracted negotiations, and successfully integrating the autonomous regions of Liberto-Ancapistan into the national electoral framework for the first time. With the government increasingly beset by accusations of slowness and lacking a consistent policy of engaging with the federal subjects, Chancellor Casimir Bergen resigned as leader of Progress on 25 August 2026, having already pledged to stand down at the 2026 election. He was replaced as party leader after a short leadership election by finance minister Pierre Macs, long expected to be Bergen's successor.

To the right of the political spectrum, the resignation of Libertarian leader Martin Ohmdal was followed by a close leadership election won by centre-right Libertarya Province premier Rouya Arjmand, who began moving the Libertarian Party closer to the political centre while emphasising regionalism. Following revelations of tax avoidance by leader Ameus Grey in the Ezgram Papers, the Minarchist Coalition saw a collapse in popularity, losing control of the Bajazad Provincial Assembly and suffering a failed leadership challenge, leading to the formation of a breakaway competitor party, PILM. On the left, the Social Democratic Party continued to establish itself under the Chancellor-candidacy of Mişk Güney, while a number of minor far-left political parties formed an electoral alliance, United Left. In Alta Santia Province, the successful Populist Party announced its intention to run in national elections.

Political parties and leaders

Parties running in the Seven Provinces
Name Main ideology Position Chancellor-candidate Leader(s) 2024 result
Votes (%) Seats
Progress Progress
Social liberalism centre-left Pierre Macs Pierre Macs 33.6%
236 / 500
Libertarian Libertarian Party
Partiya Libertarî
Classical liberalism centre-right Rouya Arjmand Rouya Arjmand 27.3%
141 / 500
PSD Social Democratic Party
Partiya Sosyal Demokrat
Social democracy centre-left to left-wing Mişk Güney Mişk Güney
Eliza Rand
52 / 500
Koreg Minarchist Coalition
Koalîsyona Regicuki
Minarchism right-wing to far-right Ameus Grey Ameus Grey 13.7%
47 / 500
PLSR PILM - Party of Independent Liberals and Minarchists
PLSR - Partiya Liberali Serbixwe a Regicuki
Libertarianism right-wing Louay Rushdie Louay Rushdie New
0 / 500
Populist Populist Party
Partito Populista
Populism Centre to Left-wing N/A Dante Baroffico New
0 / 500
HGN National People's Alliance
Hevbendiya Gel a Neteweyî
National conservatism Centre-right to Right-wing Hanja Nekaf Hanja Nekaf
Jannabar Manand
5 / 500
PNS Santian National Party
Partito Nazionale Santiano
Regionalism Centre-right to Right-wing Lina Pinello Petra Farago 3.0%
3 / 500
PCB Basaquastan Farmers' Party
Partiya Cotkarên Basaquastan
Agrarianism Centre to Centre-right Sabah Shamoud Sabah Shamoud
Miran Lapache
15 / 500
Left United Left
Çep a Yekbûyî
Democratic socialism Left-wing to Far-left Luigi Corrado N/A 1.7%
0 / 500
Parties running in the Compacipo Autonomous Region
Name Main ideology Position Chancellor-candidate Leader(s) 2024 result
Votes (%) Seats
YBS Union for Civic Responsibility
Yekîtî ji bo Berpirsiyariya Sivîl
Liberalism Centre Safi Sa N/A New
0 / 500
CbRB Compacipoans for Good Governance
Compacipi bo Rêveberiyeke Baş
Big tent Centre to Centre-right N/A N/A Did not run
0 / 500
Bihevra Bihevra Social democracy Centre-left to Left-wing Zohal Dogan Zohal Dogan Did not run
0 / 500
CDK Compacipo Friends of Business
Compacipo Dostên Karsazan
Classical liberalism Right-wing Aram Tosun Shero Lawan Did not run
0 / 500
Parties running in the Fayre Islands Autonomous Region
Name Main ideology Position Chancellor-candidate Leader(s) 2024 result
Votes (%) Seats
FP People's Party
Conservatism Centre-right to Right-wing N/A Leif Granheim Did not run
0 / 500
Pirates Pirate Party
Pirate politics Centre-left N/A Stefan Lindberg Did not run
0 / 500
Centre Centre Party
Agrarianism Centre to Centre-right N/A Ann Sternberg Did not run
0 / 500