3rd English Civil War

The 3rd English Civil War is the name given to the war of secession that took place place primarily in the North of England but also in Oxfordshire and London in 2047.


Loyalist side:: Kingdom of Great Britain (Mostly British Army) Various Northern police forces Various non-state actors (such as Prince George Fan Clubs)


Didcot Home Guard

Northumbrian Rebels:

Northumbrian independence movement Northumbria Police

Commanders Major George Windsor (loyalist side)

Lieutenant-Colonel Martin Godwinson (Loyalist side)

General Sir Mark Carleton Smith (resigned,loyalist side)

Colonel Sir John MacLeod (loyalist side)

Lieutenant-Colonel Sir Mark Cameron (loyalist side)

Sir Alexander Khan (killed in action,loyalist side)

King Yob I (Killed in action,loyalist side)

King Yob II (died, loyalist side)

King Yob III (Loyalist side)

Alvin Ashleigh (Rebel side) Aftermath Northumbria became independent after the end of the British Congo War.