Achesian Hegemonic Guard

Military of Achesia
Achesian Hegemonic Guard
Motto"Break, Not Bend"
Service branches
  • Terrestrial Guard
  • Aerial Guard
  • Hegemonic Navy
HeadquartersThe Sundial, Imperium
AckularJulian the IV
Supreme GeneralDaisuke Beata
Military age16


Training for the Hegemonic Guard regulars starts at the age of 16. Soldiers are initiated through entry training held at different bases across the country. Upon graduation soldiers are given their branch of specialty within the Guard. From there training begins and typically from the start of Basic Training until the completion of specialty training, lasts 16-18 months. Once completed, assignment to a standing unit is given and service obligation begins. Within their units soldiers are trained on specialty equipment, grade, leadership, re-assignment, and cultural immersion. Soldiers chosen to go to advanced combat tactics training and join elite units such as the The Ackliuses' Royal Rangers (Special Forces) are put through grueling training for 18+ Months.

Princess' Royal Ranger training Battalion 100 on exercise.

For Conscripts training is much different. If the need ever arises and numbers are desperately needed to win a conflict many would be called to form conscript units. This begins at the age of 16, they attend a 2 month basic military training. After that training is only annual for 1 week a year until the age of 30. When called up to fight a conflict an pre-mobilization training may be given depending on the circumstances. If there is a rush to field numbers of troops they may be sent right to the lines at which time their training may be poor at best, if there is time a month or two of training may be given, longer if commanders wish these units to preform special functions such as logistics, air defense, or other specialty skills. It is a gamble fielding such green troops but this measure would only be used in extreme circumstances.

Although children within the Resolute Caste are left alone for the most part prior to their being military age, some programs and education is afforded to those who show an aptitude for certain skills that the Guard is looking for. Skills like Cyber, Mechanics, Engineering, or Medical are greatly encouraged among the youth through various government programs.


Terrestrial Army

Manfloon Long Range SAM Battery

The Terrestrial Army is the ground force of the Realm. The Army itself is broken into branches: Maneuver, Logistics Corps, Air Corps, Engineer Corps, Cyber, Administration, Medical Corps, Special Forces, and Signal. These branches each have a specific function but are mainly in place to support the Maneuver branch (Infantry, Armor, Artillery, Combat Arms).

The Army's organizational structure is centered around the Combat Helix, which varies in size depending on the mission. This helix can be constructed in endless variants with many missions in mind and allows the command to factor in what equipment they have on hand, such a method is known as "plug and play" units. The Combat Helixes are typically named for the mission. When larger scale missions are being fought the combat Helix could even include several Orders.

  • 1 Front (Typically 284,000 Soldiers)
    • 4 Order (Typically 56,000 Soldiers)
      • 4 Divisions (Typically 11,200 Soldiers )
        • 3 Helix, Brigade, or Group (Typically 3,000 Soldiers)
          • 3 Battalions (Typically 1,000 Soldiers)
            • 4 Companies (Typically 250 Soldiers)
              • 5 Sections
                • 5 Squads
                  • 2 Fireteams

Company level structure consists of 5 Platoons (4 maneuver and 1 HQ/Weapons). These platoons are each lead by a senior enlisted and a junior officer. Platoons have 5 squads within them (4 standard, and 1 weapons squad). These squads are the principle maneuver element of the army. Squads then typically have two fire teams.

Logistics and support within the Army is broken down at two levels, theater and expeditionary. Each Theater Support Group has 4 Expeditionary Support Groups it is directly in charge of within that Multitude. These ESGs consists of five battalions: Logistics , Air Support, Engineer, Medical, and Signal. These ESGs coordinate and operate all distribution, construction, medical, and communications operations for a Combat Helix in theater.

Aerial Guard


High in the skies, deploying weapons of swift and destructive scale is the Aerial Guard. The Aerial Guard is the newest branch of the Hegemonic Guard, formerly the Terrestrial Army Air Corps, it has been divided into its own branch to help facilitate more non-close air support activities that the Guard would have to focus on. Areas such as space, strategic deterrence, and conventional strike are the focuses of the new Aerial Guard which will take the Hegemonic Guard into the future of warfare. The Aerial Guard plays a big part of national defense, power projection, and logistics across all the branches. A variety of air frames are flown by the Aerial Guard, from helicopters, to bombers, fighters, and cargo. Soldiers within the Aerial Guard are given special training to be able to maintain and repair the aircraft they are entrusted with, most are very skilled at what they do. Special programs for aircraft maintenance are set up for pre-military age youth to prepare them to be aircraft mechanics.

Aerial Guard is broken down into several different Air Orders which report to a Front. Although units are drawn from the Air Fronts to forward support operations in foreign lands regularly. Within Air Fronts there are several different Divisions which each have reporting Wings. Wings are organized by purpose: Fighter, Bomber, Helicopter, Airlift, ASW, SAR, and Satellite. Wings consist of eight squadrons, and most Squadrons within a Wing typically have 25+ aircraft of various types in them.

Hegemonic Navy

Antagonistic LPD.jpg

The Hegemonic Navy is the power projection force of the Guard, its ships carry the banner of the Ackular far and wide showing the power of Achesia to all the nations. The sailors of the Hegemonic Navy take special pride in being part of the most elite of forces on the high seas, their ships are known for their combat prowess, skilled weapons handling, and navigation. The Navy is broken into several branches: Surface, Sub Surface, Air, Cyber, Logistics, Administration, Medical, Nuclear, and Communications.

The Hegemonic Navy is broken into fleets, each of which are given a portion of the oceans to patrol. These fleets are each powerful forces that can project Achesian power at the whim of the Ackular within hours of its need. Each fleet is assigned several different allotments of platform sizes and they all play an intriguing part of the combat picture for the Hegemonic Navy.

  • Fleet
    • Group
      • 5 Squadrons, 1 Air Wing, 1 Logistics Squadron
        • Ship's Company
          • Division
            • Department
              • Section
                • Team

Groups are centered around the most strategic platform within the group. The three central platforms are the Aircraft Carrier, Battleship, and Submarine. The latter of these do not typically operate together, but the former do. Each group depending on the type is assigned squadrons of support ships such as destroyers, frigates, submarines, logistical ships, air craft, etc.

Fleets also consist of different air wings that participate within the Fleet structure. These air-wings are very consistent in composition between the different fleets (depending on the platforms). Each Air wing has enough of the appropriate aircraft to meet the fleets combat, logistical, and support needs.


Ranks within the Hegemonic Guard are broken into both enlisted and officer. Paths between officer and enlisted are typically dependent on social background with elite families of Resolute Caste traditionally filling ranks of cadets and newly minted officers with a minority of officers being experienced and skilled enlisted solders. Similarly some Resolute families have a strong tradition of being enlisted leaders.

Officer Ranks

Grade Terrestrial Guard Aerial Guard Hegemonic Navy
O-10 Lord General Lord General Lord Admiral
O-9 Field General Field General Admiral
O-8 General General Rear Admiral
O-7 Brigadier Brigadier Commodore
O-6 Colonel Colonel Captain
O-5 Flank-Colonel Sub-Colonel Commander
O-4 Commandant Commandant Sub-Commander
O-3 Captain Captain
O-2 Lieutenant Lieutenant
O-1 Lieutenant Lieutenant Lieutenant
W Officer of Mark Officer of Mark Officer of Mark
C-1 Cadet Senior Grade Cadet Senior Grade Cadet Senior Grade
C-2 Cadet Junior Grade Cadet Junior Grade Cadet Junior Grade
C-3 Cadet Third-Class Cadet Third-Class Cadet Third-Class
C-4 Cadet Fourth-Class Cadet Fourth-Class Cadet Fourth-Class

Enlisted Ranks

Grade Liberty Army Liberty Army Air Force Liberty Army Navy
E-10 Premier Sergeant Premier Sergeant Principal Master
E-9 Adjudant Adjudant First Master
E-8 Major Sergeant Lance Sergeant Second Master
E-7 Crest Sergeant Aerial Sergeant Chief Petty Officer
E-6 Flank Sergeant Flight Sergeant Senior Petty Officer
E-5 Sergeant Sergeant Petty Officer 2
E-4 Corporal Corporal Petty Officer 1
E-3 Sr. Soldier Sr. Soldier Senior Sailor
E-2 2nd Soldier 2nd Soldier Able Sailor
E-1 1st Soldier 1st Soldier Sailor


Strategic Projection

Offensive Action

Counter Insurgency

Asymmetrical Warfare

Strategic Deterrence

Disaster and Humanitarian Relief


Terrestrial Guard

  • Terrestrial Guard Amphibious Army
    • 4th Amphibious Order "Capricorn"
      • 45th Naval Dragoon Division
      • 2nd Naval Dragoon Division
      • 15th Naval Dragoon Division
      • 71st Amphibious Engineer Brigade
      • 11th Civil Affairs Battalion (Amphibious)
  • Terrestrial Guard Winter & Mountain Forces
    • 8th Arctic Warfare Order "Boreas"
      • 10th Winter Air Mobile Division
      • 2nd Mountain Infantry Division
      • 62nd Mountain Infantry Division
      • 6th Engineer Brigade
    • 88th Mountain Warfare Order "Barbegazi"
      • 11th Mountain Infantry Division
      • 42nd Mechanized Dragoon Division
      • 122nd Air Mobile Dragoon Division
      • 50th Civil Affairs Battalion (Mountain)
  • Terrestrial Guard Armored Forces
    • 2nd Armored Cavalry Order "Uber-Urban"
      • 33rd Armored Division
      • 177th Mechanized Dragoon Division
      • 99th Mechanized Dragoon Division
      • 99th Fires Brigade
    • 11th Armored Order "Warhammer"
      • 51st Armored Division
      • 52nd Armored Division
      • 53rd Armored Division
      • 20th Fires Brigade
    • 3rd Mechanized Order "Southern Spear"
      • 81st Mechanized Dragoon Division
      • 82nd Mechanized Dragoon Division
      • 83rd Armored Division
      • 120th Fires Brigade
    • 46th Mechanized Order "Onyx"
      • 461st Mechanized Dragoon Division
      • 462nd Mechanized Dragoon Division
      • 463rd Mechanized Dragoon Division
      • 64th Fires Brigade
      • 35th Armored Intelligence Brigade
    • 9th Armored Order "Ackular's Fist"
      • 761st Armored Division
      • 42nd Armored Division
      • 63rd Armored Division
      • 446th Fires Brigade
      • 75th Armored Chemical Battalion
  • Terrestrial Guard Aerial Army
    • 10th Airborne Order "Valkyries"
      • 1st Airborne Division
      • 50th Airborne Division
      • 3rd Airborne Division
      • 100th Fires Brigade
      • 91st Intelligence Battalion (Airborne)
      • 44th Civil Affairs Brigade (Airborne)
    • 23rd Airborne Order "Manticore"
      • 121st Air Mobile Dragoon Division
      • 122nd Airborne Division
      • 123rd Airborne Division
      • 247th Civil Affairs Battalion (Airborne)
      • 3rd Intelligence Battalion (Airborne)
      • 8th Fires Brigade (Airborne)


The following are lists of equipment officially employed by all branches of the Hegemonic Guard.

Small Arms

Name Origin Type Caliber/Diameter Notes
Small arms
Glat Series  Achesia Pistol Various Standard issue sidearm for officers and infantry.
ZIG SAL P239  Achesia Pistol .40 S&W Used by special forces and airborne units.
Glat MP5  Achesia Submachine gun 9×19mm Used by special forces.
ZIG Evo 3  Achesia Submachine gun 9x19mm Used by special forces.
Sorg M4  Achesia Shotgun 12 gauge Used by infantry and security units.
Sorg M12  Achesia Auto-Shotgun 12 gauge Special forces and infantry.
ZIG 550  Achesia Assault rifle 5.56×45mm Standard issue infantry rifle.
Sorg 2H4  Achesia Assault rifle 5.56×45mm Special Forces and elite units.
Antonia M14  Achesia Battle rifle 7.62×39mm Used for both special forces and infantry units.
Ukena AWM  Achesia Sniper rifle .338 Lapua Magnum Employed by dedicated sniper units.
Sorg APR  Achesia Sniper rifle 7.62×51mm Used by sniper teams and special forces.
Ukena AAM  Achesia Anti-material rifle .50 BMG
Glat MG4  Achesia General-purpose machine gun 5.56×45mm Infantry squad machine gun.
Glat MG3  Achesia Medium machine gun 7.62×51mm
Glat 50MG  Achesia Heavy machine gun 12.7×99mm
Glat GMG  Achesia Grenade launcher 40mm
Glat 36  Achesia Individual grenade launcher 40mm
Khidarr MGL  Achesia Squad Grenade Launcher 40mm
Infantry anti-tank weapons
Ansgar RPG-3  Achkadia RPG 110 mm
Sault IRL5  Achkadia Infantry anti-tank missile 150 mm
Ansgar M4  Achkadia Infantry anti-tank missile 152 mm
Infantry anti-aircraft weapons
Sault AD2  Achkadia Man-Portable Air-Defense System 90 mm
Gero 92.120  Achkadia Mountain pack howitzer 120 mm
Gero 20.81  Achkadia Lightweight Mortar 81 mm


Name Origin Type Notes
Utility vehicles
Marcellus G3  Achkadia Command Jeep/Ambulance Multi-purpose light utility vehicle used for medical and administrative tasks.
Ludger V7  Achkadia Mutli-Purpose Utility Vehicle Variants ranging from admin vehicle, command vehicle, light cargo, and patrol.
Gottschalk-Series  Achkadia Offroad Bikes/ATVs Used by security forces.
Gottschalk L20  Achkadia Light unarmored utility vehicle Used by patrols and airborne forces.
Marcellus Enok  Achkadia high-mobility multipurpose military vehicle Used by police and security forces.
Lieberenz G90  Achkadia high-mobility multipurpose military vehicle Used by infantry and Police Special Forces
Marcellus RMMV-series  Achkadia Family of Medium cargo trucks
Armored Vehicles
Kruse Type 2A7 Kriegshammer  Achkadia MBT Latest main battle tank used by elite units, replacing older versions.
Kruse Type 2A4 Kriegshammer  Achkadia MBT Being replaced by Type 2A7s.
Lieberenz Type 12  Achkadia IFV Used by heavy mech units.
Marcellus Type 6  Achkadia IFV Used by infantry units.
Lieberenz Type 2  Achkadia APC In use with motorized infantry units.
Marcellus Fennek  Achkadia Wheeled recon
Miscellaneous Vehicles
Unimog 4×4  Achkadia Electronic Warfare vehicle
Léandre TRF1  Achkadia 155mm towed howitzer
Marcellus Caesar  Achkadia 155mm Self-propelled howitzer
Léandre Type 200  Achkadia 155mm Self-propelled howitzer
Marcellus LAROM  Achkadia 180mm
Léandre MANTIS  Achkadia AAG Portable base defense AA.
Lieberenz Type 12A Roland  Achkadia Short-Medium range SAM
Kruse Type 2A5 Kriegsbow  Achkadia SPAAG
Sören Iron Shield  Achkadia Medium to long range ABM/SAM


Name Origin Type Notes
Kempfcopter K8.C Löwe  Achkadia Attack
Kempfcopter K17.D  Achkadia Utility Typically armed with nose cannons.
Voigts R92  Achkadia Utility Used by special forces and slowly replacing the K17.
Kempfcopter K20  Achkadia Utility Used by police and security forces.
Kempfcopter K70.S  Achkadia Utility Special forces transport.
Kempfcopter K4.C  Achkadia Heavy Lift
Voigts R92.ASW  Achkadia ASW Navy ASW Helicopter and Utility.
Kempfcopter K8.ARH Löwe  Achkadia Recon
Kempfcopter K17.Z  Achkadia SAR Air Force SAR Helicopter and Medvac
Kempfcopter K20  Achkadia VIP/MEDVAC In use as VIP helicopter by both Army and Air force and MEDVAC Helicopter for Army and security forces.
Voigts Koala  Achkadia VIP/Utility Army light utility and VIP helicopter.
Sören F-9 Flight 4 Tornade  Achkadia Multi-Role
Sören F-13 Sturm  Achkadia Multi-Role
Sören F-38A Sturmlanze  Achkadia Air Superiority
Sören F-38B Sturmlanze  Achkadia Strike Stealth strike fighter.
Voigts S-92 Knochen  Achkadia Supersonic Bomber
Marcelin S-38  Achkadia Light Attack Jet
Marcelin A330 MRTT  Achkadia Strategic Transport/Tanker
Voigts C-160  Achkadia Tactical Transport
Marcelin A400  Achkadia Tactical/Strategic Airlift
Marcelin A340  Achkadia Transport VIP Transport
Marcelin A320  Achkadia Transport VIP Transport
Marcelin A350  Achkadia Transport VIP Transport, official aircraft of the Statevotary.
Voigts Z-7B  Achkadia AEW&C
Voigts Z-7D  Achkadia Electronic Warfare
Sören F-9 ECR Tornado  Achkadia SEAD
Marcelin A319 MPA  Achkadia ASW
Marcelin S-38E  Achkadia Jet Trainer
Marcelin A450  Achkadia Recon
Marcelin A420  Achkadia UCAV

Ships and Watercraft

Name Origin Type Notes
Capital Ships
Surface Combatants
Benao Tanaka-class  Achkland DDG 5 in service, 7 on order. Used for sea lane control and strike missions.
Sigmund Miyamoto-class  Achkland DDG 10 in service, 5 decomissioned. ASW and Air Defense escort and patrol ship. Being replaced by Benao Tanaka-class.
Gereon Takashi-class  Achkland FFG 6 in service, 5 on order. ASW and Air Defense escort.
Meine Havener-class  Achkland FFG 10 in service, 8 decommissioned.
Masu-class  Achkland Corvette 10 In service, used by Naval coast guard.
Mekajiki-Class Template:Country data New Hyspania SSK 10 in service.
Small Craft
Landing Craft
LCAC Template:Country data Chisei LCAC
Patrol Craft
Umiakuma-class  Achkland Missile Boat 8 in service, Coastal and littoral patrol/defense.
Shima-class Template:Country data Vandary Patrol 25 in service, used by Naval coast guard.
Ajairu-class  Achkland Mine Sweeper
Mizusunēku-class Template:Country data Vandary Littoral Patrol Ship
Small unit riverine craft Template:Country data Vandary Riverine vessel
Suse Bruhn-Class  Achkland Tanker
Achkland Ship Mimihiraku  Achkland ELINT/SIGINT