Achesian Intercosmic Bastion

The Achesian Intercosmic Bastion Achesian Fifth Empire

Motto: Break Not Bend
Anthem: Achesian March
Location of Achesian Intercosmic Bastion (orange) – in Gamma Quadrant
Location of Achesian Intercosmic Bastion (orange)
– in Gamma Quadrant
and largest city
Imperium, Bastion
Official language
and national language
Achari Common
Ethnic groups
  • 90% Achesian
  • 10% Other
Achari Gregian
Demonym(s)Achesian or Bastionite
• Ackular
Karl Achim of Requient
• First Minister
Gottfried Emil
• Chairman of the Conclave
Senator Erik Jürgen
6 Systems,[convert: unknown unit] (nth)
• Estimate
38 Billion
GDP (PPP)estimate
• Total
• Per capita
CurrencyCandrey ()
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy (AD)

The Achesian Intercosmic Bastion, commonly known as Achesia, is a space faring nation of humans in the Septentria Cluster of Space. It includes six systems, Bastion, Halicious, Wescott, Sauria, Centrich, and Calder Systems, each residing within a close proximity. There are a total of 37 planets, 3 of which are habitable. These systems feature a variety of planets that are of all different types of viability for habitation. It is bordered by several different Xeno space faring civilizations, most notably the Gish and Virruhx Empires that are on less than friendly terms with the AIB.

Achesia is an absolute Monarchy with a partial constitution that allows for the election of some government figures. Its government capital is Imperium on the planet Bastion in the Bastion System an important interstellar city and financial center with an urban population of 145,208,000. The current monarch is Ackular Vox the II. The Achesian Intercosmic Bastion is formed off of the increased concentration of human refugees in the Septentria region of space. Formerly just called "Bastion" more of a nickname given by the human refugees to the habitable planet that they escaped to, the Achesian Intercosmic Bastion came about when the first Ackular, Julian the XXVI came to Bastion with his large wandering fleet of starships, warding off an impending attack by a coalition of the Gish and Virruhx sent to re-ensave the humans on Bastion. Ackular Julian was declared the savior of humanity and monarch on that day, thus forming the AIB.

Achesia is steeped in a devoted heritage to the monarchical leader the Ackular and the religion of the Achari Sumari. Much culture and heritage that Achesians hold is from that of the original Achesian people that resided on the now destroyed world of Achesia. When the Ackular Julian escaped Achesia after its destruction he was only able to save a small portion of its people. But when they arrived at Bastion the far outnumbered the refugee humans there, and thus the culture of Achesia presided and was adopted by the minority non-Achesians.

The AIB is now a developed civilization that has a massive industry in mineral mining and manufacturing. Much of the friendly civilizations around Achesia have a high demand for Achesian goods and products and thus the AIB is able to have a strong economy that supports its massive influx of refugees from the Xeno Empires. Lots of investment from outside sources as well have come to boost the AIBs economy, specially from those contacts that the Ackular had prior to the destruction of the original Achesian Empire.


In 2506 after wandering the stars for two years, Ackular Julian the XXVI came upon a large battle between a coalition of two large Xeno Empires and a loose alliance of refugee humans who had previously escaped from slavery in the former. Julian's Armada made short work of the xenos and liberated the world known as "Bastion" where several million oppressed humans had settled in their flight from slavery. The Ackular was hailed as a savior and a very informal referendum was held to declare Julian the XXVI Ackular of Bastion, and there the Achesian Intercosmic Bastion was founded.

The standard way to refer to a citizen of the Achesian Intercosmic Bastion is as a "Achesian."


The Achesian Empire once stood tall as one of the largest of the human Empires in the post-earth fracture galaxy. With dozens of systems at its disposal and numerous vassal states it controlled much of the trade in its region, thus attracting the envy of a different sort. As the Achesian Empire sought to expand its reach amongst the galaxy in hopes of reclaiming the title that its mother empire once held, it drew the ire of several alien civilizations that sought to bring this growing power to its knees. After many years of war with these empires the Achesian Empire itself was at the brink of fracturing and civil war due to economic hardships on the part of the war effort. But before Achesia could implode politically, the Nix sought to bring a more physical end to the Achesia. The capital world which was the name sake of the Empire was exposed to a horrible bombardment which fractured the planet into nothing be derbies and chunks of crust. The sun had finally set on the Achesian Empire.

However; as he watched his planet be destroyed in the fires of the Nix weapons, Prince Julian gathered whatever vessels he could from the remainder of the Achesian fleet, rescued what he could from the escaping humans, and escaped with millions of people. This massive migration would come to be known as the fleet of tears, an armada of military and civilian ships packed to the brim with people an supplies. Their only course would to be heading away from the Nix and their fleets, deeper into space then an Achesian fleet had ever gone.

Prince Julian's fleet managed to garner supplies from former colonies of the Achesian Empire who also sought to flee the Nix invasion. Several conflicts with other xeno's ensued in which the refugee armada managed to raid and resupply off of xeno worlds. This took them for millions of lightyears beyond the reaches of the Achesian Empire, until they finally came to a region of space that from their incomplete star logs leftover from the ancient Earth civilization, was known as Septentria. But the situation here was no more ideal than it had been with the Nix... if not worse.

Humans were not welcome in this part of space, unless they were living a subservient role to the Gish people. Force labor, sex slavery, slaughtered for food, kept as pets, were the only roles seen fit for humans. But in Prince Julian's eyes he saw an opportunity. In the ruins of what had been the Empire of Septentria some two-hundred years ago, the xenos thrived on picking on defenseless humans, but not well armed ones. When Julian's armada arrived in the region it was a massive surprise to the Gish. After a struggle that lasted only thirty days, Julian's fleet managed to carve itself an existence in what was called Lawless space, an un-administered collection of systems with a sinister reputation for xeno black markets and organized crime. That is when they found Bastion.

Bastion had already begun to get notoriety for being a refuge for escape human slaves, however it's rag tag fleet of armed merchant ships were no match for the Gish who were hell bent on bringing them back in chains. This would have happened as the Gish were in the processes of besieging this world when Prince Julian arrived. Making short work of the Gish fleet he was able to liberate the human planet and drive them back. Prince Julian was praised by the people of Bastion and seeing the huge amount of refugees that he brought with him, they invited him and his people to their world. From there after a year living on Bastion, the people there declared him their Ackular, the title his father once held over the Achesian Empire. And thus the Achesian Intercosmic Bastion was formed.

Stellar Cartography

The AIB is a collection of systems on the edge of Lawless Space and the Gish Empire.

Bastion System

It's home system- Bastion- is home to six planets, with Bastion being the only planet to hold suitable life. The other five planets are Qustone, which is nearest to the star and too hot for habitation, however it does serve as a research outpost for the research of the star itself. Niecury is again too hot for habitation but does host several mineral mines on the surface where many of Achesia's minerals are harvested from to produce power. Bastion is third from the star and is perfect for hosting life, an oasis at the edge of a barren section of space. Preiorus is a harsh planet, having hot days and cold nights, but is habitable and hosts a large colony that drills for different minerals and spices found on the planet, in orbit of Preiorus is the largest shipyard in the AIB called the Preiorus Drive Yards. Crarolea is a rocky world that is known for its unique form of fungus life that live in the caverns of the planet, it has not served much purpose in the AIB as it does not have any harvestable resources. Finally Xothiunia is a gas giant and home to large orbital colonies and gas refineries for energy purposes, a large space port is found here to dock much of the Achesian Fleet.

Centrich System

Also a large part of the AIB is the Centrich System which is home to the only other habitable world in the Achesian Intercosmic Bastion. The System itself has four planets, Basnarvis a small moon like barren planet. Daslion the habitable planet is the second most populous in the AIB due to its habitability and is home to much of the manufacturing sector of the Achesian economy. Strojuruta is a lava world and harvested for its rare metals used in much production. And far out is Lograinus an ice world where research stations dot the surface. The Centrich System is ruled over by the brother of the Ackular, Prince Gerald of Requient, High Lord of Centrich.

The Wescott System

Home to six gas giant planets mainly used for their precious resources, home to a few orbital space stations.

Calder System

The Calder System is the third most populated system in the AIB. Home to six planets (Calder I-VI) it is the hub of several major orbital hydroponics stations that produce food that is consumed throughout the Fifth Empire. Calder III an Ice Planet is home to these stations as water is extracted from the surface and transferred via elevators to the stations in sub-orbit. On these stations millions live and maintain the breadbasket of the Achesian Intercosmic Bastion. Much of the history of the Calder system and its infrastructure is pre-Achesian arrival and has been in operation by the human inhabitants for hundreds of years. Now under the control of the AIB it continues to be a major regional hub for trade and agriculture. The remaining planets in the system are mostly barren rock and serve little purpose aside from the stray research or military station.

Halicious System

The Halicious system is devoid of all but two small barren planets that orbit a neutron star. The rest of the system is a torrent of asteroids and debris. Mining stations inhabit the largest of these rocks where their crews extract as much of the resources as they can. This system is dangerous to all those not in it in some sort of official capacity, however some crime organizations have used it to hide from Achesian officials.

Sauria System

See also Edge of Intention

The most recent addition to the Achesian Intercosmic Bastion, the Sauria system was annexed to expel a large Gish population that was using the nearby system to launch raids on the AIB. It is home to one habitable planet, Sauria V which is known for its crime, run down star ports, and production of narcotics. Its most important resource however is minerals used to produce FTL drives. Saurian System is home to four other planets Sauria I-IV that are uninhabitable and are used for mining or nothing at all. The Saurian System is ruled over by High Lord Valter of House Crownfox.



The majority of the Achesian population are "New Achesians" or "Bastionites". those citizens of the AIB who are not descendants of those who came over from the Achesian Empire with Prince Julian, these are mostly refugees from various worlds destroyed or taken over by the Gish or other xeno nations. Many escaped slaves also reside within the AIB thus making it a large multi-cultural nation. However; the minority ethnic Achesian people due control a large part of the culture and thus drive allot of the norms within the nation. Achesians often are deeply religious and loyal to the Ackular, they may respect other cultures and peoples in the AIB but they view it as their nation and thus do not hold others to their level.

The Achesian population of Bastion makes up about 25% of the population as a whole, and they are by far the most xenophobic. While tendencies to be xenophobic run throughout the population of the AIB (largely due to past enslavement and oppression) the Achesians due to religious beliefs are often the most xenophobic. As a result the xeno population within the AIB is minimal and those who do reside within the AIB are shunned.

Ancestor worship is also an important part of Achesian family culture as one's family past is highly regarded in their social standing. Often shrines of various sizes appear on family lands where families often visit to pay their respects to their past. Family members are typically buried on family grounds, but for the less fortunate in society who do not own land this is often hard. The richest often have grand spectacles for their shrines where statues and glyphs adorn the walls and grounds.


Religion brought over from Acheisa is held in high regards within society. Acheisans practice Achari Gregian which is the monotheistic worship of the God of Summer (He is also known by the Dread Lord, The Lazy One, and the Defender). The focus of the religion is sacredness of the family and of the people of Achesia. The purity of Achesian blood is important in Achari Gregian. This is partially why Achesians view the non-Achesian people of the AIB as lower level than they are.

In the history of Achari Gregian there has been little divine interaction besides the great purge (A religious tale) which happened when the Achari Gregian champion with the aid of the God of Summer drove out the god of the underworld: Silva from the land in ancient times. It is said that the Dread Lord speaks to the Ackular in which he appears to them in dream form giving those blurry hints as to what he has intended for them.

The afterlife in Achari Gregian is one that is sought after by many. It is a joyous place where the dead can reunite with other dead and live on for eternity. To reach the afterlife however one must be a true servant of the God of Summer and not wane in the face of other influences.

The supernatural in Achesia is greatly feared and respected. To that end it is very rare to find "magic" users in Acheisa outside of the clergy of Achari Gregian. Most people leave anything considered remotely magic at the door and do not play in what they do not understand. Spirits are also respected within Acheisan society. It is a belief that all settlements or villages are home to a spirit which guards them from harm. Many make sacrifices to the spirits of their villages.

With Prince Julian's arrival in Septentria and the discovery of dust and its affects on those who are chosen to become great warriors, there was a fundamental shake up in the Achari Gregian, however it was soon told that this was God's way of giving warriors to protect the Achesian people, and the cloud of dust in this region of space was put here for this reason, a sprinkle of the Dead Lord's might to save his people. This was often preached as a part of the migration of the Achesian people to Sepntentria, that the Chosen were warriors, knights, to save them from the onslaught of xenos and their wanderings through space. See Dust And the Chosen for more information.

Worship is primarily an individual ritual that happens on a person basis involving incense and meditation. Many travel or make pilgrimages to shrines of the Summer God throughout the AIB. Many settlements have shrines for its inhabitants. There are many holidays in the Archesian culture. Most like Ackular's day are to celebrate important Achesian figures including heroes, martyrs, and clergy. Other holidays are meant to celebrate harvest, new moons, or the changing of the seasons.

The commandments and teachings of the Summer God are passed down orally by the Clergy of Achari Gregian. While some written text exists it is only kept in the vaults of the Tower of Ascendancy leftover from what could be saved from the doom of Achesia. Praetors travel around Achesia teaching the word of the summer god to the people of Achesia. Mortals are said to be the children of the God of Summer and thus he looks down on us with love from his post in heaven. To represent our path to the afterlife the symbol of the labyrinth is often seen in Achesian culture. The dragon also is often seen as the harbinger of death in Achari Gregian.

The deadly sins of Achari Gregian are: cowardice, lust, recklessness, dishonesty. While the high virtues are: responsibility, thoughtfulness, honesty, humility, abstinence, diligence and piety.


Prior to the arrival of Prince Julian and the declaration and formation of the Achesian Intercosmic Bastion, Bastion as a planet existed as a very loose and unorganized democracy with only a small fragile government to administer it. With the arrival of the Armada and the Achesian people that eventuall settled Bastion and the surrounding systems, Prince Julian was crowned as the Ackular of Bastion as his father was Ackular of the Achesian Empire, thus forming a monarchy that has ruled since.

The government of the AIB is centered around the monarch who is both Head of State and Head of government. The Ackular is in complete control of the of all matters of state but has a small cabinet of ministers that is headed by the First Minister, a designated head of government whom he appoints. The First Minister acts on the Ackualr's behalf to control the government when the Ackular is busy with other whether they be government, religious, or military.

Succession in the Achesian Intercosmic Bastion is done democratically, with the people electing who they feel is the strongest leader, the man whom they trust to defend them, they one they feel will bring glory to Achesia, among the line of the first Ackular of Bastion, Ackular Julian. This is done upon the death of the Ackular, the male members of the bloodline of Ackular Julian of Requient are each gathered a vote is taken, with the Prince whom takes the popular vote winning the crown of the Ackular. This was decided by Prince Julian upon the founding of the AIB and is in the tradition that the people of Bastion elected him to be their Monarch. It is a great cultural tradition and is often an exciting time to be apart of the AIB when each Prince tries to prove their worth to be the next Ackular. Those this pits brother against brother, uncle against nephew, cousin and against cousin, and a combination of all of the above, in the short history of the Achesian Intercosmic Bastion no schisms have resulted with the outcome of a vote. Most Prince's upon loosing to another go off to command armies or fleets in distant space, in hopes to prove their worth should they have another chance to be elected Ackular.

The government itself is broken into three different branches, each headed by the Ackular. First branch is that of the official administration which in the AIB is the only one known as "The Government". It consists firstly of the Ministries: Office of the First Minister, Justice, Trade & Commerce, Colonies & Off-World Settlements, Education, Transportation, Industry, Health, Treasury, and Statecraft. Secondly the government consists of the Conclave, a collection of Senators that represent each part of the Achesian Intercosmic Bastion. The Conclave assembles itself in Bastion at the Tower of Ascendancy where the Ackular sits, they give advisement and suggestions to the Ackular so that he may hear representation of each people group within his realm. The Senators are elected on four year terms for every 350 million citizens within the Realm of Achesia. The third branch of government is the system Viceroy's. Each system within the Achesian Intercosmic Bastion is ruled by a Viceroy who is appointed by the Ackular himself. Each Viceroy rules for a indefinite term as the governing authority of each system, they are in fact, the Ackular's hand spread in the system and execute his will.

The second branch of government is the military known as the Royal Achesian Bastion Militarum (RABM). This branch of the government is completely separate from the administration and answers to the Ackular and/or his heir alone. The commanders of the RABM report to the Ackular or the senior member of the Requient Dynasty for all orders and complete their will to the letter. The supreme commander controls the branches of the military in their day to day operations and gives the monarch a brief daily, if not more. The First Minister does not enter the chain of command for the military.

Thirdly exists the Achari Cult which is as well headed by the Ackular as the religious head, the official Cult controls all matters that pertain to religion within the AIB as well as the doctrine of the greater Achari community. They often are the cultural arm of the government which control aspects of Achesian culture within Bastion, though since the formation the Ackular has not allowed the Achari Cult to enforce its religion on any non-believing humans within Bastion due to the policy of acceptance that the Ackulars have extended to all humans in Septentria.

Foreign Relations and Military

The Achesian Intercosmic Bastion is a quiet player in Septentrian politics. While it trades with most other human powers inside and outside the region, the AIB does not try to intermingle itself with entangling alliances if it does not have to. Holding its cards close at hand the AIB prefers to do its own thing within its region and maneuver with secrecy and silence. With regards to xeno nations though the AIB is outwardly hostile as at the core of its foundation was the xeno oppression and enslavement of humans. This part of the Bastion culture is very much an influencing factor on how it handles its relations (or lack there of) with xeno civilizations, and human civilizations who may align with the former. The AIB exudes itself as a bastion for all humanity, and the guardian of humanities freedom from xeno threats, and that ethos is at the center of its foreign relations posture.

The Royal Achesian Bastion Militarum (RABM) is the armed forces of the Achesian Intercosmic Bastion. Broken into three branches: the Royal Fleet, Royal Army, and the Achesian Vanguard. Each of these branches form one of the most powerful forces in the region, focused primarily on defense of the AIBs core systems and secondly on power projection in the immediate area, to include, expansion into new systems, interdiction of human slave trade, interdiction of illegal trade, area denial against opposing forces, disaster relief, anti-terrorism, and covert operations on and off world.

Training within the AIB differs between the branches but the core curriculum teaches recruits the different aspects of the Achesian system of honor as well as a team before self moral. While for most recruits training is the first instance that they would be exposed to any sort of military structure, those who come from an Achesian culture would have been exposed to a very militaristic upbringing. The profession of the warrior within the culture of ethnic Achesians is held within high regard and children with that upbringing typically are raised to eventually become warriors. Enlisted personnel are trained separate from their officer counterparts and the divide between the E and the O id definite with intermingling frowned upon. Often enlisted are trained for upwards of four months for initial training and another four months for technical skill training. Officers spend their first year as cadets at the military academy before moving on to a sort of apprenticeship as a cadet about a ship or embedded within a unit.

There are approximately 80 million members of the combined branches of the Royal Achesian Bastion Militarium.

See Also Royal Achesian Bastion Militarum Equipment.

Royal Fleet

The Royal Fleet is one of the main focuses of the Achesian High command as it provides both a leviathan force, logistics, and transportation for Army and Vanguard forces. The Fleet is centered around large capital ships with the center of the formation being the Dreadnought. Fleet strategy is to lean on long range weapons that keep enemy forces back away from valuable capital ships which are expensive and difficult to produce. Reflecting this, weapons like missiles and fighter craft are the prime choice of the Royal Fleet with lasers and then kinetics taking a secondary role. While Achesian admirals rarely choose to get up close with their ships, it is not unheard of. Dreadnoughts and other capital craft carry very heavy weaponry and are excellent at destroying both enemy ships and orbital bombardment.

The Royal Fleet is Broken into these organizations:

  • Royal Fleet High Command
    • Bastion Home Fleet
      • Bastion Orbital Guard
    • Centrich Defense Fleet
    • Saurian Defense Fleet
    • 1st Royal Fleet (Expeditionary)
      • Royal Science Expeditionary Fleet
      • 8th Royal Rangers Fleet
      • 4th Royal Rangers Fleet
    • 2nd Royal Fleet (Heavy Attack)
    • 3rd Royal Fleet (Heavy Attack)
    • 4th Royal Fleet (Light Attack)
      • Royal Reconnaissance Fleet
    • 5th Royal Fleet (Heavy Attack)
    • 6th Royal Fleet (Territorial Guard)
    • Royal Fleet Support and Logistics Command

Royal Army

Royal Army is the ground based branch handling all defensive and offensive forces. The bulk of the Army's forces are made up of squad sized units of drones that are controlled by a single specialized soldier that fights alongside his drone "vassals". Line army units are made up of large amounts of these highly trained solders alongside highly capable drones. Special forces units are primarily human soldiers that are given the best equipment and training. Army units are broken into two doctrines, defensive and offense, with one working primarily planet-side for defensive operations against an invading enemy, and the other trained for invasion of both planets and off world sites (such as stations and ship boarding).

The Royal Army is organized into these forces:

  • Royal Army High Command
    • 1st Army Group
      • Bastion Imperium Guard Army
      • Centrich Defense Army
      • Saurian Garrison Corps
      • Wescott Orbital Garrisons
      • Halicious Territorial Guard
    • 2nd Army Group (Expeditionary)
      • 138th Royal Orbital Assault Army
      • 48th Expeditionary Army
    • 3rd Army Group (Assault)
    • 4th Army Group (Assault)
    • 5th Army Group (Occupation)
    • 6th Army Group (Logistics and Support)
      • Royal Army Logistics Command
    • 7th Army Group (Special Operations)

Forces of the Achesian Immutable and Timeless Hegemony (FAITH)

FAITH is an elite unit of highly trained ethnic Achesian fighters that are born and raised in the ancient Achesian tradition of the warrior. This is the only branch of the RABM that is not open to recruiting non-Achesians. These soldiers come from the best of the Achesian warrior caste known as the Resolutes and have adapted since birth to train to fight in numerous conditions and impossible situations. Though it is the smallest branch of the RABM it is by far the most highly trained and funded per captia. Those Achesians who become "Chosen" in the regional Dust traditions are often selected to be a part of this branch of service. Most of the Achesian mecha arsenal also belong to this branch and are deployed via a massive network of ships and resources.

  • Ackular's Lords and Commanders of the Royal Achesian Banners
    • The Forces of the Imperial House of Requient
      • The Requient Fleet
        • Royal Guard Fleet of the Imperial Seat of the Ackular
        • Fleet of Prince James of Requient
        • Fleet of Prince Julian of Requient
        • Fleet of Prince Gerald of Requient, High Lord of the Centrich System
      • The Requeient Household Guard
        • Imperial Guard of the Ackular
      • Knights of the House of Requient
      • 1st Achesian Army of the Imperial House (Ackular's Sword)
      • 2nd Achesian Army of the House of Requient (The Storm of Violet)
    • Forces of the High House of Crownfox
      • Crownfox Fleet, High Lord of the Saurian System
        • Achesian Storm Fleet of the 3rd Order
      • The Achesian Guard of the House of Crownfox
        • Knights of the Order of Sauria
        • Crownfox Household Guard
        • 1st Crownfox Army Group
    • Forces of the Various Minor Houses of Achesia
      • Fleets of Minor Houses
      • Armies of Minor Houses
    • 1st Order of the Achesian Vanguard
      • Fleet of the 1st Order
      • Army of the 1st Order
    • 2nd Order of FAITH
      • Fleet of the 1st Order
      • Army of the 1st Order
    • 3rd Order of FAITH
      • Fleet of the 1st Order
      • Army of the 1st Order
    • 4th Order of FAITH
      • Fleet of the 1st Order
      • Army of the 1st Order
    • 5th Order of FAITH
      • Fleet of the 1st Order
      • Army of the 1st Order
    • 6th Order of FAITH
      • Fleet of the 1st Order
      • Army of the 1st Order
    • 7th Order of FAITH
      • Fleet of the 1st Order
      • Army of the 1st Order
    • 8th Order of FAITH
      • Fleet of the 1st Order
      • Army of the 1st Order


Bastion starting out prior to the founding of the Achesian intercosmic Bastion built its economy around its positioning as a first "bastion" of humanity after thousands of light years of alien space. This gave it a unique position to spread its economic legs by capitalizing on the largly human population in the surrounding systems that were struggling to get a footing in a largly xeno dominated market where humans themselves were often sold as good. Bastion was one of the strongest human systems economically until the Gish invaded to end its trend of growth.

Upon the arrival of Prince Julian and the Achesians large amounts of technology that are exotic to the Septentria region from the old Achesian Empire allowed the AIB to begin to establish itself as a manufacturing and export power in which they would export to main of the systems surrounding. With the then military expansion of the AIB and the joining of several nearby systems to Bastion, the AIB's economy only grew gaining more access to mineral mines within planet crusts and asteroids within various systems. Drive yards were soon formed to build many of the highly advanced Achesian ships that were brought over from the old Empire.

Within the society of the AIB there is a large consumer base of humans that enjoy some of the freedoms they or their recent ancestors did not have the privilege to obtain due to harsh xeno bans on human consumption of luxury items. These items are often in high demand, such as fashion goods, spices, personnel technology, and exotic foods.


Values within the AIB center around education, which is a recent trend since the formation of the AIB and education being available to the masses as opposed to those freed human slaves or impoverished refugees. Many families fund community schools that they send their children to to make them of higher quality than the local government can provide. This is something that most system Viceroys ruling over AIB lands have embraced and have created programs much similar to a 401k where businesses match the communities contributions into their schools. Achesian Families often save large amounts of money to send their children to secondary education as well to give their children a better start on life than they had. Non-Achesian families have little money and thus are often not afforded the same education opportunities.


With the fall of the old Septentrian Empire, much of its infrastructure such as roads, spaceports, mineral mines, shipyards, and space stations were left behind and un-administered for decades. Over time many different groups and organizations whether they be private affairs or fledgling splinter governments have moved into these structures that inhabit space around what is now the Achesian Intercosmic Bastion. However after Prince Julian's arrival and the formation of the AIB, much of the RABM pushed out from the Bastion system and began to take back leftover infrastructure from these groups.

The AIB has also put much effort into constructing new infrastructure to support their rapid expansion both in political boundaries and economic ambitions. Numerous shipyards and industrial areas have sprung up to employ many who previously were impoverished and scraping for a living on Bastion. Space stations that dotted the systems within the AIB often were in too much disrepair to be used by the military and thusly were destroyed to make room for new constructs.

Cities were also something that sprung up over the decades past the formation of the AIB, these often were centered around economic areas with the largest being Imperium, the capital of the AIB on Bastion. Many of the refugees and impoverished flocked to these cities for work and thus industrial areas and factories were built around them.