Federal Democratic Republic Of Acnaiva

Acnaviv: Federatyvna Demokratychna Respublika Annayiva
Flag of Acnaiva
Motto: Unifikovanyy odnym slovom
Unified by one word
Anthem: Thye Lennoic Gyova
The Lennoic Song
Land controlled by Acnaiva shown in dark green.
Land controlled by Acnaiva shown in dark green.
and largest city
Official languagesAcnaiviv
Ethnic groups
Acnaiv (95%)
Others (5%)
Irreligious (70%)
Others (30%)
GovernmentFederal Semi Presidential Constitutional Republic
• President
Rua Mikovic
Elmat Vamic
• Lennoic Union's Fall
12th December, 1960
• Total
394,855 km2 (152,454 sq mi)
• 2019 census
• Density
2,054/km2 (5,319.8/sq mi)
GDP (PPP)estimate
• Total
• Per capita
29,000 novas per year
GDP (nominal)estimate
• Total
• Per capita
Gini (2019)37.70
HDI (2019)0.955
very high
CurrencyAcnaiv Nova (§) (AND)
Time zoneGMT+ 5
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy
Driving sideright
Calling codeTBD
ISO 3166 codeFDA

Acnaiva is a nation located in


Modern day Acnaiva was settled by a nomadic group of peoples known as “Lennois”. They settled the area from 739 CE to 900 CE. Shortly after this settlement, kingdoms began to form, estimated in 976. The most notable being Jal’Knad, Skvha, and Da’hg. These kingdoms were small, and often had skirmishes with one another. In 1184, they all united to form the Kingdom Of Acnaiva. This kingdom used there trading port abilities as an advantage economically at the time, and began building up a military. In 1797, the kingdom reformed into a constitutional monarchy, after a series of demonstrations by civilians. After an economic depression in 1934, in 1937, a nationalist movement known as the “Lennoic Union”, overthrew the monarchy. Thus lead to an era of a nationalist dictatorship that ruled the country up until 1960, when the country overthrew the government, and installed a republic. The Unified Oblistars Of Acnaiva was formed, but with no real natural resources, Poverty, an issue the first president - Johac Xyhep, had to combat. Then, in 1964, a small amount of oil was discovered, leading to a higher development. In 1979, Soi Mortis Knudsenvestavisjsl, lead a coup that overthrew Shav Telenska, and formed the United Republic Of Acnaiva. More oil and aluminum were found, leading to an economic boom in 1989. This boom continued on to this day.

In 2019, Rua Mikovic, President of Acnaiva, Renamed the country to the Federal Democratic Republic Of Acnaiva