Actopolis Film Festival

Actopolis Film Festival is a biannual film festival held on Actopolis Isle, Silvedania. The first iteration is scheduled for November 25, 2020 to December 17, 2020.

Awards The awards at the AFF are similar to the awards at the [1]. The films entered are judged by an academy known as the Actopolis Film Association. The two films scoring best are pronounced as the nominees, and the winner is announced on the 14th day. The categories consist of:

  1. Best Film,
  2. Best Directing,
  3. Best Kids Film,
  4. Best Writing,
  5. Best Male Lead,
  6. Best Female Lead, and
  7. Best Design.

Schedule The AFF consists of three weeks. The schedule is below:

Day 1: Opening Festivities, and Ceremonial Welcome

  • Everyone Arrives
  • Opening Red Carpet
  • Opening Ceremony(Last time's winner's announce the nominees)
  • Opening Gala

Days 2-12: Viewings and Panels

  • Breakfast with the stars
  • Morning Viewing
  • Morning Panel
  • Brunch
  • Afternoon Viewing
  • Afternoon Panel
  • Themed Party and Dinner

Day 13: Preparations

  • Breakfast
  • Interviews with the Nominees
  • Lunch
  • Final Panels and Questions
  • Traditional Viewing of The Score(The worst film ever made!)
  • Dinner

Day 14: The Awards

  • Breakfast
  • Rest
  • Lunch
  • Nominee's Red Carpet
  • Dinner
  • the Awards begin, winners are announced
  • After Parties

Days 15-20: Celebration

  • Morning Party
  • Final Viewing
  • Lunch
  • Interview
  • Tours of Actopolis(Studios, Traditional Food Tastings, etc.)
  • Galas and Parties

Day 21: Goodbyes

  • Brunch with the Stars
  • Interviews
  • Closing Red Carpet
  • Final Gala
  • Closing Ceremony

History October 31, 2020: The Actopolis Film Festival is founded. October Nov 1, 2020:'The Intern' ads start going up on PiffleNet 3.0. These ads consist of a typical ad going up, then cutting to the author, an anonymous intern who works long hours and is very tired.

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