Adela, Queen of Genes

Queen Adela age 90.jpeg
Adela of Genes at the age of 90
Queen of Genes
Reign9 May, 2018- present
Coronation12 September 2024
PredecessorFrederick I
Heir Apparent Grand Dauphin Frederick
Co-Monarch Frederick II
Queen Consort of Genes
Tenure5 January 2015 – 9 May 2018
Dona Empress of Brésil
Reign8 April, 2058- Present
Queen Régent of Genes
Tenure9 May 2018 - 3 September 2024
Born16 April, 1987 (age 102)
Alés, Cevennes, Derita
SpouseFrederick I of Genes
Guiepple Hereshi
Luitpold of Saxony
IssueFrederick II of Genes
Prince Roiel de Condé
Sophie, Queen of Poland
King Frederick Augustus IV of Saxony
Full name
Adela Alina Marabetha Gresaguite Réev Saxon-Colberg-Gotha Valois-Volonté
FatherOusamane II, Duke of Cevennes
MotherDuchess Alina Betha of Cevennes
ReligionRoman Catholic
(prev. Lutheran)

Adela Valois-Volonté, née Réev-Volonté born 16 April 1987 is the Queen of Genes. She is also the supreme authority of the Church of Genes and Commander-in-Chief of the Génoise Defence Forces. A former constitutional and currently a absolute monarch, Adela originally took no part in political decisions aside from ceremonial state functions, such as appointing the Prime Minister, and did not express political opinions. Now however, currently Adela holds absolute power and unchallenged in her position.

Born in Alés, Cevennes, Derita as Adela Alina de Réev-Annthane-Cevennes, she came to power in Genes following a coup d'état when her first husband, Frederick I of Genes, went missing and was later assassinated. Genes has revitalized under her reign, growing larger and stronger than ever and becoming recognized as one of the great powers of Imperial Europe.

In both her accession to power and in rule of her Kingdom, Queen Adela has often relied on her noble favorites, husbands and relatives most notably her father Ousamane II, Duke of Cevennes and her third, as well as last husband Luitpold of Saxony Assisted by highly successful generals such as Pierre Hayannes and Guiepple Hereshi, and admirals such as Charles Philippe, Count of Andora, she has governed times when the United Kingdom was expanding rapidly by conquest and diplomacy. Currently as Queen his helps maintain the nation's imperial status as one of the Four Absolute Monarchies in Imperial Europe.

In Africa, Colonies have popped up in the east under the banner of Queen Adela, many wishing for the vast fortunes famous in the United Kingdom. In Brésil Adela established first a colony and currently a Protectorate of Brésil, ruling under the official and ceremonial title of Empress, (though Brésil is not a empire and she is still own as Queen Adela in Brésil). Queen Adela has seen Génoise Companies like Gaulle Co. And Aullipierres Inc. grow into mega international corporations. The current reign of Queen Adela is currently the longest in Génoise History, surpassing Charles Albert of Génes's reign of 39 years in 2053. At age 93, she is the oldest reigning monarch in Terra Magna. The so called "age of Adela" has been labeled in history books in Génes as the Adelareine Era spanning the last 4 decades.

In 2015 she married King Frederick I of Genes, and gave birth to three children, two sons and a daughter. In 2023 she briefly married Guiepple Hereshi, but then annulled the marriage after seven months. She then remarried Frederick. He died months later. In 2034 she remarried again, this time to Luitpold of Saxon-Colberg-Gotha and had her fourth and final child.

Her current heir apparent is her eldest son, Grand Dauphin Frederick of Genes.



The future Queen of Genes was born in the small town of Alés-Avringlton, capital of the Duchy of Cevennes, over which her father ruled. She was born at Saint Peter Alexander Hospital at 7:07 pm on the 16 of April, 1987. Her mother and father, the Duke and Duchess of Cevennes had spent the previous day in the hospital after her mother, Alina Betha had gone into labor. The birth had been tiresome for her mother and Adela was born mere minutes before her mother fainted from exhaustion. It was her father, who came in from the hallway after she was born who named her. He choose Adela after Saint Adelaide of Arras and Alina after her mother. She was then baptized several days later on the 29 of April. She was the youngest and second child and second daughter. Adela had an older sister, Ionna, who had been born in 1984.

Early Years

Adela, though known in the beginning of her life was known as Alina after her mother, was raised in various places in the first years of her life. The family lived in Alés, but at only 3 months she was sent to stay and live in Port Victoria. In the capital of Derita, then under the rule of one of Adela's cousins, Almahn the Great of Derita. Adela's family enjoyed favoritism from the Emperor's who's mother was Adela's Great-Great-Great-Great Aunt. The Réev family had manage to gather a massive fortune in th3 50's and 60's, and whilst they lost a quarter of it in a misguided gambling week in 1971, by 1986 they had gotten it back and more.

However, Adela's own family was not actually wealthy. She had great uncles and aunts who held the money and the Duc d'Cevenes was told to make do with the salary of a commoner. In 1988, Ousamane had only a bank accounts of 43,000 Dérrels, a large fortune outside of the country, but tiny within. The Duke had to work in the army for seven years to pay for the family's bills and in 1995 he had to get a loan from his father, who had a large fortune, but refused to give it out for years, to pay for their estate in Alés.

Upon the death of Adela's, still called Alina by age three, mother, the Duchess of Cevennes, many things changed. The duchesses death broke Ousamane and he refused to refer to his daughter by her second name, addressing her instead as Adela. While Ousamane and Ionna mourns the late duchess, Adels was more or less aware. She wrote in 2014, "I was aware that my mother was gone, but I was not aware on what it meant. I was too young to feel and still I meet that subject with a neutral sense." The family moved permanently to Port Victoria in the late summer of 1990.

In 1991, Adela began to be taught by Monsieur Abrea, who acted as a tutor for Ionna and Adela until Ionna was nine in 1994 and Adela was ten in 1996. It was then that Ousamane returned to simple domestic affairs from training in the army as a colonel. Ousamane took his daughters under his wing, teaching them directly with the help of tutors.

Her father was a intelligent and controlling man back then, and even later in Adela's life. He adored Ionna for her intelligence, her clever skill and skill for manipulating others. He said they were the skills found in a commander or politician. Meanwhile Adela was the opposite. She seemed to be forever naïve, she was innocent and pretty, she walked with an air of regality and a sense of purpose of all her own. Ousamane stated that these were the skills found in a Queen.

By the time that Adela was 11, Ousamane was trying to find a way to make her a Queen. At first, he had the revolutionary and shocking idea of to perhaps convince the Emperor, the 103 year old Almahn the Great, to propose a marriage between Adela and the Prince, Christopher, who was 5 at the time.

The elderly centurion Emperor was slow in responding and busy with the affairs of state. He had refused to let his son, the Crown Prince decide or have any control. The Duke of Cevennes took Adela to southern Derita to Guyenne were she for the first time meet the young prince. The visit lasted two months, in which Adela's father observed her interaction with the prince. He was disappointed. Adela, being much older than the prince was unable to find attraction to him, stating she only admired the "color of his hair". She instead treated Prince Christopher as if he were his younger brother and was quite sad when they returned to Port Victoria.

In Port Victoria, Adela continued her learning and had yet another brush with the Imperial Family, her last time until 19 years later. The Emperor was dying and wished to see members of his mother's family. He called on his cousins and Adela's father choose to include her father and herself and sister. The family traveled to the palace were they stood by the Emperor on his death bed. She kissed the 104 year old man's hand and he spoke to her, as he did to many of his family members and toke her wheezing, "I wish I could have seen you when they made you Queen."

The 12 year old Adela wrote later that day after the Emperor had died. She inscribed, "It was the end of a Glittery and Glimmering Era."

Finally, graduating her home school education by tutors permission at 19 in 2006, Adela was blessed with her great aunt Elisabeth's generosity. The 73 year old, who had been hoarding much of the Réev Family fortune left it all to Adela, giving her a third of it to Her in 2006. (The rest went to Adela years later in 2034, when Elizabeth died.)Adela in turn have a quarter of it to her father and sister. This massive fortune made her the richest most eligible bachelorette in Derita.

It was only five months later in that year that the 266 years of peace, much like the 219 years of isolation that had ended in 1964, came to a close and war broke out. Adela's father used this as a biases of finding Adela a foreign despot to marry.

Reign of Frederick I (2012-2018)

Marriage to Frederick I

In 2015, Adela was given a chance at Success and becoming a Queen.

Adela's rise to power, unlike most royals was based on her father's diplomatic ideas and dealings within the nation of Derita and outside the country. Ousamane choose to have his daughter meet with the King of Genoa, or Génes.

This was supported by Derita, in the form of the Emperor, Almahn II. The political situation in Génes was a unique one. The small neighboring Kingdom was utterly dependent on Derita. It had been in a civil war in 2012-2015, and just as the civil war was ending, King Frederick I was looking for a wife. Adela was taken from port Victoria at age 28 and sent to meet with the young King. When she wrote her memoirs of the 2030's, she said she made up her mind when she came to Génes to do whatever was necessary, and to profess to believe whatever was required of her, to become qualified to wear the crown. She this, for it was her father's wish for her to do so.

Adela, then styled as Lady of Alés, or Lady Adela, traveled to the capital of Genes and meet King Frederick I, ten years her senior, at the palace. Whilst Adela was quite taken by the handsome and charm of the King, Frederick was slow to like her. However, at the moment at which the two were dancing, a riot broke out and gunshots could be heard. Adela, fearful of violence, fainted. The King caught her and remained by her till she has awoken and their love born. However, it seems that the riot that had broken out that night foreshadowed what would happen.

On the fifth day of January, in 2015, Adela and Frederick were married at Saint Alexandrina's Cathedral. Adela had converted from her Lutheran ways the previous month to Roman Catholic. The grand ceremony took place devoid of the bride's family except for her sister Ionna. Adela wrote later on, "Poor Papa, he worked so hard to have this marriage between me and my beloved Frederick, and he can't even attend!"

File:Queen Adela in 2015.jpeg
The then Queen Consort in 2015

The newlyweds settled into the Génes Palace, which Adela quickly took over as designing as a second Versailles. She and Frederick both complained on the designs of the palace, he desire did to look like the Russian Palaces of the 18th Century, whilst she wished for it to look like the Deritain Palaces of the 19th Century. Eventually it was the young Queen who won out over the issue.

However, not all was well with the charming young King and Queen of Génes. Merely three days after their wedding, when riding down the street, chaos exploded into a Anti-Deritain Riot. Ousamane and Adela's timing to the marriage to her "beloved Frederick" had been worse than they had imagined. The people were in a rage against Derita, seeing it as an empire trying to make them into a dependency. (This however was somewhat true, as Genes did rely on Derita completely.)

Freedom Day Revolt

The parading King and Queen were mobbed by the people and someone threw a brick at Adela's head. It is unclear if the brick actually hit her, and if it did it was only a glance, for Adela today states that she can not remember. In any case however, the Queen's carriage was thrown into its side and she feel to the grown. Special forces had to be brought into evacuate the King and Queen.

This several hurt Adela in a subconscious way. Her people hated her and now she and the world was painfully aware of this. Her father, on his rare visits attempted to comfort her, but she felt utterly alone. Frederick made the beautiful gesture of a husband, but a disaster of a mistake of a king. He choose Adela over the Kingdom. He saw Adela as the victim of evil people and he sent our forces to get rid of them. This backfired and it became rumor that the Queen Consort was controlling the King.

The situation grew worse and worse as Adela, scorned by her nation retreated to the palace, refusing to leave. She would spend her days strolling in the gardens and redecorating, trying on new dresses, anything to shut out the chaos that was going on outside.

In 2017, two great events took place. In the south of Genes at Ke Spezia, The Spanish Army, under General Cortes, had move con ships on a massive scale. The nation watched in horror, unable to stop it as the Spanish invaded the country. King Frederick ordered the army to be raised and sent their forces to meet the invaders. Two days later, Emperor Almahn the Conqueror sent in the Imperial Army, virtually invading Genes to fight the Spanish.

Then, in August, an announcement went out from the royal palace. Queen Adela was pregnant. The same day, the Spanish Army was routed by the Emperor of Derita's forces and sent running out of Genes.

Régency of Genes (2018-2024)

In April of 2018, the Queen Consort gave birth to twin sons, the firstborn was Frederick, named after his father, the then King and the second was Roiel, meaning King in French. He was known then and now as Prince Roi. The birth, for a time made Adela popular.

However this was not to last for long, for soon right before Princess Sophie's birth in 2020, Frederick went missing. He was automatically believed to be dead. Adela was completely heart broken. She went into mourning for four months, refusing to so much as speak to anyone. She moved out into the country to remain away from the chaos in the year of 2019. Adela went through a partially long pregnancy, lasting almost eleven months. While pregnant, it was decided by the parliament of Genes that Adela would be Queen Régent of Genes until her son Frederick was 21 and old enough to be King.

She spent her regency as at first as a rich girl with everything at her disposal. Whilst she drowned her mourning with shopping and fashion and touring the city of Genes. She set of the nation's fashion of long hair and made the preference of tanned and dark skin tones, as well as brown hair.

The Régency of Genes marks the temporary eclipse of the Monarch as centre of policy making, since the Regent's court was at the Palais Royal in Genes. Instead it was her father who held control of the nation, using his skills with people to trick and make the parliament shift power into the hands of his daughter, and in effect, himself.

It marks the rise of Genoise salons as cultural centres, as literary meeting places and nuclei of discreet liberal resistance to some official policies. In the Genes salons the aristocrats mingled more easily with the higher Bourgeoisie in a new atmosphere of relaxed decorum, comfort and intimacy.

The Genoese Wars

The Génoise Wars, or the Genoese Wars, is a confusing period of time in the years between 2015 to 2024. There is, depending on what source used, anywhere from there being three to eight wars that took place in this nine year period. However most sources agree that there were Three wars, a civil war and two revolutions. Whilst technically the first war happen before the Régency of Genes, it is usually put in that context.

The First Génoise War

The longest and least bloodiest of the wars, this war actually started in 2014, lasting four and a half years until 2018, ending shortly after the birth of Prince Frederick and Prince Roiel. This war was a civil war turned international against a Republican Government and the Legitimate Royalists. Around eight major powers fought the war, mostly in northern Genes and on the ocean. This war continued in spamming flashes of fight, the last major one in 2015. By the end of that year the Republicans and their allies were all but defeated. It was however another few years until it officially ended. This war was the few ones that Adela was unimportant in.

La Spezia Campaign

In 2017, the nation of Genes was invaded by the Spanish Armanda. When it became clear that the Spanish Army, while not well behaved, they had better weapons and training and vastly out numbered the Génoise. Adela called upon the neighboring Deritains to help the outnumbered Génoise forces and Almahn the Conqueror happily agreed. The Deritains invade the nation and drove out the invaders.


In 2020 Frederick I of Genes went missing and Adela was place in the position of sovereign of Genes.