Alliance for Democracy in Xiaodong

Alliance for Democracy in Xiaodong
Co-leadersChen Qianshi
Kang Yongqing
Founded13th March 2015
Dissolved18th Janaury 2017
Direct Democracy
Colors     Yellow

The Alliance for Democracy in Xiaodong (Xiaodongese: 晓东民主联盟; Xiǎodōng mínzhǔ liánméng) commonly known as the Alliance was a political party in Xiaodong that existed from 2015 to 2017 when it was banned by the Xiaodongese government.

The Alliance was formed by students during the 2015 Xiaodongese student protests against the corruption of the Yuan Xiannian government by Chen Qianshi and Kang Yongqing, two student leaders, as a radical democratic party that wanted to remove the ruling Xiaodong Regeneration Society from power and create a democratic Xiaodong that served the people. The Alliance called for constitutional reform, direct democracy, environmentalism, a welfare state and supported nativist sentiments. It also supported degrowth and alter-globalisation. Most political scientists called the party anti-establishment and populist in its approach.

The Alliance contested its first election in 2016 where it got 16 seats and almost 6 million votes, mostly in the south of the country, with the Alliance indicating they would support a United Democratic Appeal led government. Nevertheless at the 2017 snap election the Alliance lost two seats. As a result the Alliance were amongst those who organised the 2017 Xiaodongese protests with the leaders of the Alliance, Kang and Chen leading protests. The subsequent government crackdown saw many Alliance members including Chen arrested and Kang flee to Senria whilst the organisation was banned as a terrorist group.