Society for Restoring Benevolence

Society for Restoring Benevolence
Rénzhě zàishēng huì
ChairmanXi Yao-tong
Leader in the Legislative CouncilWang Hongzhi
Founded7th June 2012 (political organisation)
12th December 2016 (political party)
Preceded byRighteous Harmony Movement, independents
Headquarters14 Donfang District, Rongzhuo
NewspaperGlobal Review
Youth wingNationalist Revivalist Front
Membership6 millionIncrease
IdeologyNational Principlism
Xiaodongese nationalism
National conservatism
Economic nationalism
Anti-imperialism (self-proclaimed)
Political positionBig tent
Colors     Red
Legislative Council
420 / 750
Seats in regional assemblies
1,836 / 2,506
State Presidium
6 / 10

The Society for Restoring Benevolence (Xiaodongese: 仁者再生会; Rénzhě zàishēng huì) is a political party in Xiaodong. Since its creation in 2016 it has been the ruling party of Xiaodong being supportive of State Chairman Yuan Xiannian and his agenda.

The Society for Restoring Benevolence is the latest in a line of ruling parties in Xiaodong that have held power since 1940 starting with the Xiaodong Regeneration Society that are often referred to as the "party of power". The Society itself was created in 2012 as a political organisation that sought to promote the values of National Principlism and the "Corrective Revolutionary spirit". The Society remained largely moribund until 2016 after then-State Chairman Jiang Zhongyu resigned as a result of the 2016-17 Xiaodongese Protests that led to the assumption of the State Chairmanship by premier Yuan Xiannian. Yuan subsequently left the former ruling party, the Righteous Harmony Movement with his supporters in the Legislative Council led by its president Wang Hongzhi joined the Society with the intention of turning it into the primary legislative supporter of the Yuan-Xi government. On the 12th December Judicial Council President Yi Shaoqing formally dissolved the Righteous Harmony Movement and liquidated its assets over corruption allegations, leading to the Society to registrar itself as a de jure political party for the 2017 snap elections.

The 10th January elections saw the Society and affiliated parties win an overwhelming majority in the Legislative Council in a result that was largely seen as rigged. The continuing protests and harsh suppression of them with the advent of the Normalisation process saw the party cement itself as the central organ of the Xiaodongese state, a position it has continued to hold throughout the Yuan government.

The Society states that it is a big tent party welcome to anyone who supports National Principlism, anti-imperialism and economic reformism. However most observers state that the party has no real policies other then support for Yuan Xiannian and as such adopts similar policies to him such as promotion of nationalism and economic centralisation.