April Revolution

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April Revolution
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The First Constitutional Council approving the First Constitution of Farokand following the revolution.
Date17 April 1828

Constitutionalist victory

Farokand Constitutionalists Kingdom of Farokand Kingdom of Farokand
Commanders and leaders
Farokand Karil Umokorvi
Farokand Zelica Arok
Farokand Naryan Özal
Kingdom of Farokand Salim III
Kingdom of Farokand Müla Zararko
25,000 6,000
Casualties and losses
9 wounded 18 wounded, rest captured or deserted

The April Revolution[b] was a revolution in the Kingdom of Farokand that sought to depose and abolish the monarchy. The revolution was led by the Constitutionalists, a faction of proponents of democracy. It followed the accession of King Salim III to the Farokandi throne and the subsequent Borfusa Massacre. The Constitutionalists called for revolution and marched on Žukala Palace with a force of around 25,000 men, mostly made up of army deserters and armed citizens. It ended with the arrest of Salim III, the establishment of the Constitutional Council, and the passing of the First Constitution.

The Borfusa Massacre in late March 1828 caused outrage among the people, and led to the creation of the Constitutionalist faction. Constitutionalist leader Karil Umokorvi demanded to meet with King Salim III, who finally accepted to meet him on 4 April under growing public pressure. However, the meeting was unsuccessful in lowering tensions, and the Constitutionalists began amassing an armed force to depose the king. Finally, on 17 April, the Constitutionalists struck, recruiting over 20,000 army deserters and angry peasants into their force. With this force, the Constitutionalists marched towards Žukala Palace, the home of the monarch, and were engaged by the Royal Guard. After several hours of fighting, the Royal Guard surrendered, facing mass desertions and dwindling supplies. The Constitutionalists then stormed the palace, capturing Salim III and other members of the government. The Constitutionalists proclaimed themselves the official government of Farokand, and established the Constitutional Council to facilitate the writing and passing of the first Constitution.


  1. Small parts of the rebellion also occured in other parts of the country (such as Kandi and Enerisal) but a majority of the action took place in Faroi.
  2. Farokandi: Révoluška Afrilo; Faroian: Révoluška Afrilas