Aqvatanzian languages

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Aquitayne, Insula Fera
Linguistic classificationMede-Lorecian
  • Aqvatanzian

The Aqvatanzian languages (Aquitaynian languages) comprise of up to three language families, namely the Ethlorek languages, spoken mostly by the Vikairuge of the Aquitaynian mainland and a few distinct cultural groups across Astyria. The relationships between Aqvatanzian languages and other Ethlorek languages remains elusive, but important linguistic connections have been made. The distinctions between the two language groups, however, remains adequate enough that both Aqvatanzian and Ethlorek languages comprise of two different language structures, as Vik'rus notably did not have much influence on the Ethlorek peoples after their migration.

The Aqvatanzian languages have direct inheritance from Ralyus, an ancient language that derives from Proto-Mede-Lorecian. It is currently estimated that upwards of 250 million people currently speak languages that fall under the Aqvatanzian language family.