Armoured fighting vehicles in the Kroonleger

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This article covers the entire history of armoured fighting vehicles in the Krijgsmacht#Kroonleger up to the modern day, and the various series of designations they fall under.

Designation series

There are a variety of different designation series that armoured fighting vehicles in the Kroonleger fall under, each describing the type, purpose, and use to varying degrees. Each vehicle would be named with their series's prefix, then given a sequential number based on when the design was first accepted by the Kroonleger's design offices. Designs that see combat would often be given a nickname in Kooplieden. An example of this would be the RT-8 "Berggeit", being in the Royal Tank series, the 8th tank design submitted to the Kroonleger, and being given a nickname.

Royal Tank series

The Royal Tank series, often shortened to RT-series, was the first designation series for armoured fighting vehicles to see use. All domestic tank designs were a part of the RT-series until the TBD, where they were replaced by the People's Tank series.