Artemis Fowler

Artemis Fowler
Artemis FowlerOfficialPortrait.jpg
8th Premiere of Gladysynthia
In office
Preceded byXavier Morgan
Succeeded byAmanda Marsden
Personal details
BornJuly 17, 1954
Vindicta, Asa'aria
Height5 ft 11 in (180 cm)
Spouse(s)Magdalene Fowler
ChildrenAnder (age 31), Alisia (age 29), Asa (age 26)
EducationUniversity of Asa'aria, Asa'aria School of Law
Military service
Years of service1972-1986
RankMaster Sergeant

Artemis Fowler was the eighth Premiere of Gladysynthia, serving from 1997 until 2004. He was elected from his home province of Asa'aria. Prior to premiership, he served 14 years in the Gladysynthian Army, where he achieved the rank of Master Sergeant. After leaving the Army, he earned a Law degree from the School of Law at the University of Asa'aria. Afterwards, he earned a Masters degree in both Business Administration and Educational Psychology from the same school. Fowler went on from there to serve eight consecutive terms as Senator for the Province of Asa'aria, which is a current record. After the end of his premiership, he retired and moved back to his hometown of Vindicta, Asa'aria, where he currently resides with his wife. Ander, his oldest son, currently serves as the Representative from Asa'aria District One in the Gladysynthian House of Representatives. His daughter Alisia is also a politician. His youngest son, Asa, is the Commander of the Police Force for the City of Danaska. Artemis Fowler is hailed nationally and historically as the greatest Premiere in the history of Gladysynthia.