Association of Gaullophone States

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Association of Gaullophone States
Association des états gaullophones
Flag of the Association of Gaullophone States

The Association of Gaullophone States, (Gaullican: Association des états gaullophones), sometimes referred to simply as 'the Gaullophone', is an international organisation that represents "nations and people who have had longstanding linguistic, cultural and historical affiliations with Gaullica". Usually this involves a large prevalence of Gaullican speakers, or ethnic Gaullicans, but it also includes historical allies and observer states.

Primarily, the organisation promotes inter-state cooperation through the aforementioned ties. It promotes the Gaullican language as a solidifying factor, aiming to keep its position as the global lingua franca, and serves as a medium in which these closely affiliated states conduct close diplomacy and international endeavors.

-- Current Secretary-General, from Satucin OR Garambura.

-- Tiered membership, likely 'Gaullica and her colonies' (i.e. direct speakers/nations) and 'allies', i.e. those states with large speakers due to education and necessity.

-- Room for members.

-- Controversial as Tsabara has not been suspended (likely due to Bahian opposition to the idea of doing it?)