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Coat of arms or logo
HousesHouse of Constituents
House of Parties
Founded5 March, 1972
New session started
5 March, 2022
Chair of the Assembly
Arabela Nankija
since 9 March, 2022
Chair of Constituents
Aljanis Velkoeste (OTW)
since 9 March, 2022
Chair of Parties
Gafriela Aunakumina
since 9 March, 2022
Minority Leader
Johan Sournis (MRB)
since 5 March, 2022
Seats732 voting members
482 constituents
250 party representatives
Hyonaland House of Constituents 2022.png
House of Constituents political groups
Government (270)
  •   Social Democratic Party (158)
  •   Hyonan Ordoliberalists (60)
  •   Hyonan Workers Party (51)
  •   Green League (3)

Minority (205)

  •   Pirate Party (101)
  •   Rural People's Party (53)
  •   Hyonan New Way (24)
  •   Hyonan Libertarians (20)
  •   Northern People's Party (6)
Independent (4)
Hyonaland House of Parties.png
House of Parties political groups
Government (147)
  •   Social Democratic Party (80)
  •   Hyonan Ordoliberalists (33)
  •   Hyonan Workers Party (32)
  •   Green League (2)

Opposition (103)

  •   Pirate Party (57)
  •   Rural People's Party (24)
  •   Hyonan New Way (10)
  •   Hyonan Libertarians (10)
  •   Northern People's Party (2)
Joint committees
Length of term
4 years
House of Constituents voting system
Ranked voting
First-past-the-post voting
Approval voting
House of Parties voting system
Party-list proportional representation
House of Constituents last election
19 January, 2022
House of Parties last election
19 January, 2020
House of Constituents next election
19 January, 2026
House of Parties next election
19 January, 2024
Meeting place
West Wing
Saana Ana Capitol Square
Hyonan Constitution

Astekantenen, or the Hyonan Legislature, is the legislative body of the federal government of the Hyonan. It is bicameral, composed of a lower body, the House of Parties, and an upper body, the House of Constituents. It meets in the West Wing of the Saana Ana Capitol Square in Saana Ana, Mogadijana. Constituency representatives are chosen through direct election, often ranked choice or approval voting, in the district they represent. Party representatives are appointed by their political parties based on the enumeration of seats awarded to a party via a party-list proportional representation system. Astekantenen has 732 voting members: The House of Parties is fixed at 250 party representatives, but the number of constituencies is determined by the cubic root of Hyonaland population, and then apportioned among counties. The current number of constituencies is 482. The Chair of the Assembly is appointed by the legislatures and manages the agenda and tallies votes for both houses, serving as a sort of Prime Minister, and originates from the House of Parties.

The sitting of the legislature is for a two-year term, at present, beginning every other March. Both constituents and party representatives serve 4-year terms, but elections for the House of Parties occur two year after constituency elections, resulting is a change in government every other year. The members of the House of Representatives are elected for the two-year term of a Congress. It is required that the Electoral Commission apportion constituencies among counties by population every ten years using the Hyonan Census results, provided that each county has at least one constituency. It is up to counties to determine whether they want the electoral commission to draw single-member districts, multi-member districts, or to set up a county-wide approval voting system. Party voting occurs on a national scale but parties unregistered in a county or territory will not be a voting option in said county or territory, and it is up to the Electoral Commission to apportion the seats in the House of Parties.

Article seven of the Hyonan Constitution provides all voting age citizens (16+ years old) the right to run for any office, provided that they are under the age of 75. No elected representative is confined to term limits unless they achieve the age of 75, at which point they will finish their term and be barred from re-election.

Astekantenen was created by Article one of the Hyonan Constitution and first met in 1972, once the new Hyonan Constitution dissolved the Kingdom of Hyonaland. The Legislature is given the power to pass bills with the approval of both houses, and in doing so they levy taxes and regulate trade and commerce, along with setting limitations and regulations for the printing of Hyonaland's currency, along with having power over the prison and postal systems, declaring war, designated public lands, and enact other legislation concerning the management of Hyonaland. They also have authority over impeachment. The primary political divide in the Hyonan Legislature is social and individual, and current government is based around ideals of social democracy, ordoliberalism, and democratic socialism. The opposition is based around traditional liberalism and individualism, along with development in and rights for the people in rural areas. As described by the framers of the Hyonan Constitution, the legislature "Provides for a mix national consensus and regional representation," by using proportional voting for the House of Parties and constituency voting in the House of Constituents. Moderate to strong regional identity across Hyonaland allows for a variety of parties in both houses.

Political Parties


Here is a brief description of the parties in the governing coalition in Astekantenen

Party Abbr. Party leader Ideology Position Representation (seats)
Constituents Parties
Social Democrats
ÖVK Chair of the Assembly
Arabela Nankija
Social democracy
Social liberalism
Liberal democracy
158 / 482
80 / 250
Hyonan Ordoliberalists
Ordotosivaltanen Wönasmaana
OTW Chair of Constituents
Aljanis Velkoeste
Liberal democracy
60 / 482
33 / 250
Hyonan Worker's Party
Buuhd Työseneene Wönasmaana
BTW Malkovan Misto Democratic Socialism
Labor rights
center-left to left
51 / 482
32 / 250
Green League
FHT Maja Siistoriana Green politics
Left-wing populism
center-left to left
3 / 482
2 / 250


Th oppositions parties consist of center to centr right parties that value individualism and traditional liberalism, along with social capitalism.

Party Abbr. Party leader Ideology Position Representation (seats)
Constituents Parties
Pirate Party
MRB Minority Leader
Johan Sournis
Pirate politics
Traditional Liberalism
101 / 482
57 / 250
Rural People's Party
Buuhd Eillaonsiina
BEÖ Annamaria Avoinnani Rural development and rights
53 / 482
24 / 250
Hyonan New Way
Tasouusi Wönasmaana
TUW Georgo Puśja Third Way center to center-right
24 / 482
10 / 250
Hyonan Libertiarians
Tosillivaltanen Wönasmaana
TVW Avdase Aimistare Libertarianism
Right-wing Populism
center-right to right
20 / 482
10 / 250
Northern People's Party
Buuhd Pohjoisonsiina
BPÖ Markos Śtepplenen Territorial rights and representation center
6 / 482
2 / 250



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House of Constituents


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