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The Co-Principate of Aterno

Der Szwei-Vichtkonigen Aternei -

Il co-preside di Aterno - Na co-preseda Aternei -

Spoluředitel Aterno -
Flag of Aterno
Coat of arms of Aterno
Coat of arms
Motto: "Vrouder nla Vriderda"
Believe in the Free
Largest cityAsterna
Official languagesDaunlaundic, Italian, Czech, Aternian
Recognised national languagesOld Aternian
• Co-Prince
Alfér Brunsson
• Co-Prince
Mark Romagnoli
• Prime Minister
Alan Turger
Grand Chamber
Common Chamber
• Total
22,980 km2 (8,870 sq mi)
• February 2019 estimate
GDP (nominal)2018 estimate
• Total
$679.9 billion (11th)
• Per capita
57,000 (6th)
CurrencyAsterno (AST)
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
Driving sideright
Calling code+7

The Co-Principality of Aterno is a democratic principality located on the Eskborg gulf in the north utopian continent, made out of different abbeys and municipalities including Alimbera, Ume, Affamokk, Koljia, Estern, Leonia, Democrio, Santanaio, Asterno (not to be confused with the currency), Lamassara, Du, Ula, Tundera, Rovero and Asmipierta. The Capital city and abbey of the Aternian principality is Asterna, Asterno. The entire principality borders New Wolvers and Antoquina. Aterno is landlocked.

The co principate of Aterno is a constitutional nation serving under a parliamentary democracy in the form of the Common Chamber and Grand chamber. The ruling Prime Minister, acting who has reigned from 2015 under the Conservative Coalition Party. The Capital City of Aterno, Asterna (70,000), is a modern city and financial centre of most of Aterno as well as being an important centre in North Utopia. Other major Urban areas across Atetno include Assalom the largest city in the country (Alimbera), Obertona, Linessa, Kyrel and Jassomite. Aterno consists of 15 Abbeys. Aterno is split into 150 municipalities used for elections.


It is believed that Aterno's name comes from both the Daunlaundic and Old Aternian languages. The name in Old Aternian 'Eternei' means Princely state and the word in Daunlaundic 'Kongeratren' means princes dwelling. Whilst Eternio was the original name, the mutation into "Aterno" came from the language of Italian spoken by the Neo Wolverians. All the abbeys' however kept their original Old Aternian names.


1492- Aterno is formed under the duchy of Pyre and thrives with its own duke at the throne. The population at this time is 40,000 and the language spoken is Old Aternian.

1527- The Daunlaundic empire conquers The Duchy of Pyre and annexes Aterno. The Duke is disposed of and the new territory sees a rise in Daunlaundic abd Neo Woverian immigrants. The population rises to 60,000 and the modern day capital Asterna is built along with cities like Kyrel, Obertona and Assalom. In 1529 the old Duke is allowed back butnonly as a figurehead to the territory.

1590- The Duke at the time: Ocrasso III is an Aternian nationalist who sparks a rebellion against Daunlaundic rule in the city of Asterna. The rebellion is quashed eithin 4 hours by the Daunlaundic imperial forces and peace returns to Aterno. The Duke is exiled once again. He will live out his life in New Wolvers and Daunlaund.

1673- After much protest the Duchy is brought back from its exile. The new duke would be crowned in Assalom cathedral. He still only has figurehead status. The Dukes nane is Henri IV. He is loyal to the Daunlaundic empire and little happens under his reign or any other duke's reign until 1819.

1819- The Daunlaundic empire falls due to the Daunio-Erskillian war and Aterno is briefly independent for five years. During this five year period Duke Lomazii II reigns and he indroduces a new currency, capital and flag for the shortly lived duchy. He also re-named his title to Grand Duke.

1824- Due to problems with official forms and who would actually run the country Aterno was only granted its official independence in 1824. During this time politicians in Aterno debated rigorously for one of three options: Stay in Daunlaund, Go back to Pyre or independence. The referendum in 1825 was 79% in favour of independence but there were too many people demmanding that ties should be kept with Aterno's founding nations. And afraid of a riot the ooficials decided that Daunlaund and New Wolvers could run the new Semi-Independent Aternian state. So they decided to keep the Daunlaundic and Neo Wolverian leaders as the Co-Princes of Aterno. The duke would stay head of state.

1957- Over the years many people from Daunlaund and New Wolvers came to settle in Aterno. And they took their native tounges with them. The population of Aterno was now 110,000 and all of the population spoke either Daunlaundic, Italian or Czech. But in 1957 there were riots on the streets of most major cities where some people were demmanding that the Old Aternian language be brought back as the national language. There was also opposistion who rioted against them. So because of this an thing called the Aternian languages act of 1957 in which Daunlaundic, Italian and Old Aternian were the new official Aternian languages. All three of these languages are cumpolsory in Aternian schools and there was a real hope that Old Aternian was being revived. After the act was announced rioting stopped and people went back to their normal lives quite content with the new law.

1992- In 1992 Aterno was granted its own parliment ny the Neo Wolverian president and the Daunlaundic Chancellor. The head of the winning party would become the prime minister of Aterno who would take care of local matters which the Co-Princes were to busy to deal with. 4 political parties were formed and the new parliment would have 150 seats. The parliament was opened by the Co-Princes and the Grand Duke. There were mass celebrations all over Aterno and in the streets of Asterna the national anthem was sung and the national flags raised from every lamppost. Shops closed and there was a day of celebration for the opening of the Aternian parliament.

2007-The Universal Pact was (and still is) an alliance for nations around the Utopian continents. Aterno has declined membership on multiple occasions but there are many people in Aterno who want to be part of the Pact. In 2007 the Aternian parliment passed a referendum through it that if successful woud make Aterno an UP member. But the vote was defeated by 84% and the then Utopian alliance party has never won a seat since.

2008 The economic crash saw the severe devaluation of the Asterno. The whole Aternian currency system was revamped in 2009. Of course this re-opened speculation over Aterno's involvement in the Universal Pact (which it is not a member of) in early 2009 there was a huge campaign foor a referendum on the topic but it was voted down by the Aternian parliament who were a conservative majority at the time. In 2014 the Asterno recovered and in 2015 the economy was back to its old self again.

present day- Aterno continues to be a bussling economically successful country. Its ties to Daunlaund and New Wolvers have gelped it immensely in shaping how the nation is today.


Aterno is generally a very mountianous nation. To the east of the nation lie the Gonromos mountians and flowing through the gonromos is the Akkumm River which flows onwards to and through the capital Asterna. To the north east lie the Narraves mountians, they are smaller but no less as stunning. They are also the heartland of Old Anternian speakers. The rest of the coumtry lies at 200-900 metres with the three highest peaks in the country: Jaavanemm (2908 m), Helskia (3007 m) and Sallanosen (4789 m) being staggeringly high. Most cities are built on the lower ground which sits at around 200-300m. Aterno expiriences cold winters and mild summers, due to the altitude it snows often and heavily on high ground. Aterno is landlocked and have no water flowing in it apart from the two main rivers: The Akkum and the Urasite both flow west to east of the country. Aterno is also heavily forested due to its low population. During the winter temperatures average 5-14°C and during the summer the average temperatures are 14-18°C. Rainfall does comes often in the highlands of Aterno with the annual avery being 1,320 metres (51.5 inches). Aterno's new programme for renewable energy has seen a 60% decrease of fossil fuel power plants and now 87% of the country uses renewable energy. Aterno also has many hotsprings and geothermal pools. To take advantage if this the Aternian government set up a programme to harness this for energy, water and heat.