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Attempted assassination of Lionel Spencer

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Attempted assassination of Lionel Spencer
LocationSovaland City, Sovaland
Date14 January 2023; 15 months ago (2023-01-14)[1]
TargetLionel Spencer
Attack type
assassination attempt
Weapons10mm pistol
Non-fatal injuries
AccusedJohn Smith[2]
Chargesattempted murder

On 14 January 2023, Lionel Spencer, General Secretary of Sovaland was shot in an assassination attempt while delivering a speech to the Sovalandic public at a rally in Sovaland City.


On 14 January, while giving a speech to his supporters in a rally in downtown Sovaland City, shots were fired by a gunmen named John Smith at Spencer's podium where he was giving his speech.[2] According to an eyewitness, Agents of the Sovish Internal Defense Agency pushed the General Secretary to safety and apprehended the shooter. The gunman was taken into custody.

Spencer was transferred to a hospital, where he underwent treatment. He was released from hospital on the 18th of January and as of 20 January is reportedly recuperating at home.


SIDA have arrested the gunman who shot Lionel Spencer, identified as John Smith. According to law enforcement officials, Smith had a history of mental illness and had been previously institutionalized although he had no known connections to any political or extremist groups.[2] He said that he only wanted to kill Lionel Spencer and no one else, and that he was acting on his own.



Chairman Montgomery Young issued a statement condemning the attack "in the strongest words", asking the Sovalandic people to come together in this "time of crisis".[1]

Following the assassination attempt, the mental health community weighed in on the incident, calling for a renewed focus on addressing and treating mental illness. Many pointing out that Smith's case highlights the need for better access to mental health care and the importance of ensuring that those in need receive the treatment they require.


Chan Cheuk-wah, Chief Executive of Tung Wan conveyed his shock and dismay at the news of the attack during a televised speech to the Tungwanese public. He also expressed his wishes for Spencer to make a speedy recovery from his injuries.[3]


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