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The Protectorate of Auyedelle

Ethnic groups
  • 64%
  • 25%
  • 6%
  • 5%
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The City of Auyedelle is a sprawling metropolis filled with glass towers and concrete structures. Home of a bustling market of commerce that sees goods and exchanges from across the region, Auyedelle has become a jewel of Septentria where many free enterprises choose to conduct their business. Formed as part of Achesian colonialism, Auyedelle is the last holdout of Achesian influence within the region, often called "the gateway to Achesia".

The people of Auydelle hold similar values as the Achesian peoples, but being a regional hub of commerce has become a blended melting pot of cultures and peoples. Achesians are the largest people group within the city but only consist of 20% of its population. Auyedelle functions on a foreign relations level as its own state, forging alliances and trade agreements on its own accord. Any link back to Achesia is purely speculative, all except the Achesian pledge of protection over the city.

The government of Auyedelle is a republic by nature with two bodies, being the President who is elected for four year terms, and the diet which consists of two-hundred members elected for four year terms. Each serves its own roles within the small city state, the President acting as head of Government and State and Commander and Chief. While the Diet of Auyedelle serves as chief lawmakers and judges of the high courts.

Auyedelle bolsters a small well equipped defense force which packs a punch of its own nature. Despite Achesia having great economic influence over the city, most arms that are used by the Auyedelle Self Defense Force are not Achesian in origin but from a variety of foreign manufacturers. It is well trained and funded, and does not often leave its own soil expect for the occasional training exercise.


Auyedelle in its short history as its own city state has been blessed with very peaceful transitions of power, unlike other former Achesian colonies. It has been widely speculated that this is due to the Acheisan governments influence within the city as it has viewed its protectorate as the last holdout within the heartland of the region. Auyedelle since its formation has been the stage from which the Achesian government sets itself in Septentria, it is home to a sprawling embassy for Achesia, and over hundred and twenty Achesian government buildings and office spaces. This is not including the large Achesian military terminal at the port of Auyedelle where many Royal Marine ships have been found to stage and resupply before operations within the region.

The current President, Alex Gustav is himself an ethnic Achesian. He is the third such leader of his nation and maintains very good relations with the leaders of Achesia. President Alex is part of the Conservative Party of Auyedelle which touts its record as being very pro Achesian, Corporate Interest, and Free Market. Since his ascent to the cities highest office this past year he has reigned over a time where the political parties within the city have a relatively harmonious nature. Most within the Diet wish to maintain relations with the motherland, while only a few fringe groups wish to cut ties completely. This suspicious harmony within the government of a very new nation has been called "Achesian Puppeteering" as most outside the city see it as just another Acheisan stronghold. The record shows however that Auyedelle has been very neutral in many of the latest Achesian decisions overseas in Sepentria.


Being a small nation far away from its rather large protector, the current government as well as the past governments have held tough line on defense. Funding is given liberally to the tiny Defense Force and the latest equipment and training as been provided to form a professional and dangerous defense force. Actions abroad however have been limited to small contingents of medical personnel or peacekeepers for multi-national efforts. Training amongst the ASDF is often conducted alongside Achesian Armed Forces, but is purely for defense measures and training. Achesian forces also use ASDF bases for forward deployments into Septentria.