Ava Faramund

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Ava Faramund
Queen of Ottonia
Ava of Onneria.jpg
High Royal Consort
ReignJune 10th, 2010 - present
CoronationJune 10th, 2010
PredecessorHarald of Tyrrslynd
BornMargret Ava Kristiana Faramund
(1970-09-19) 19 September 1970 (age 52)
Vylfhuld, SM, United Kingdom of Ottonia
HusbandRodrik I of Ottonia
IssueVitus of Ottonia, Margret of Ottonia, Karolina of Ottonia, Kristiana of Ottonia
FatherRikard Faramund
MotherAlyssa Beow
ReligionHonorian Church

Queen Ava Faramund is the current consort of South Ottonian Storkeneg Rodrik I. Ava is the daughter of the previous Duke of Vylfhuld, the youngest sister of the current Duchess, and a member of the aristocratic House of Faramund. In addition, she is the mother of all of Rodrik's children, including current heir to the South Ottonian throne, Vitus.