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Besmenischer Rundfunk
TypeTelevision network and radio network
Founded5 June 1927
Broadcast area
Key people
Harald Ponthus (Director General)

Besmenischer Rundfunk (English: Besmenian Broadcasting Corporation, BRF) is an Besmenian national public service broadcaster.

As the largest media provider in Besmenia, the BRF is the owner and producer of six television stations and two radio programs. BRF is also owner of seven regional broadcast companies.


Television stations

TV station Launched Notes
BRF 1 1939 from 1939 to 1960 as BRF Fernsehen
BRF 2 1960
BRF Doku 1972
BRF Sport 1979
BRF Belisaria 1998
BRF Gold 2008

Radio stations

Radio station Launched Notes
BES1 1927 From 1927 to 1978 as BRF Radio
BES2 1978

Regional broadcast companies

Regional station Launched Notes
Greuningischer Rundfunk 1950
Westbesmenischer Rundfunk 1950
Mittelbesmenischer Rundfunk 1968
Laitstädtischer Rundfunk 1933
Sedakanischer Rundfunk 1950
Ostbesmenischer Rundfunk 1933
Südbesmenischer Rundfunk 1933