Federal Republic of Besmenia

Bundesrepublik Besmenien
Coat of arms
Motto: "Hoffnung, Stolz und Frieden"   
New Besmenian Map3.png
Official languagesBesmenian  
Recognised regional languages 
  • 55,2% Orthodox
  • 17,3% Catholic
  • 26,5% other/none
GovernmentFederal parliamentary republic      
• President      
Vincent von Schilling
Theodor Sidemann
Federal Senate  
Federal Chamber  
July 2, 1920  
• Reunification
September 14, 1967  
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• 2020 estimate
• Density
117/km2 (303.0/sq mi)
GDP (PPP)2019 estimate
• Total
$1,022 trillion          
• Per capita
GDP (nominal)2019 estimate
• Total
$937,2 billion
• Per capita
CurrencyBesmenian spero (BS)
Driving sideright          
Calling code+78     
Internet TLD.bes            

The Federal Republic of Besmenia, commonly called Besmenia, is a German-speaking country in the Coalition of Crown Albatross. It is located in the east of Nortua, bordering New Anea to the northwest, Xevus, Fir. Campica and Yubonia to the west, and Candatora to the east. The country is a parliamentary democracy. The current President since 2021 is Vincent von Schilling. The current Prime Minister since 2012 is Theodor Sidemann.

After the Besmenian Civil War from 1915 to 1919, Besmenia was divided under the Heraldstein-Müller contract. While West Besmenia continued to exist in the west, East Besmenia was founded in the east. The relationship between the two states was complicated. On September 14, 1967, the West Besmenia merged into the Federal Republic. Thus, the Besmenian division ended after 47 years.

Besmenia is considered a wealthy country with a strong economy among global competitors. Besmenia is a founding member of the Coalition Trade Organization.



In February 1991, the assassination of Martin Beiter occurred.



Besmenia is 44% covered with forest. One of the most famous forests in the country is the Summingian forest. The Summingian forest is a forested low mountain range in the state of Summingia. The Summingian forest is about 70 kilometers long and 29 kilometers wide.

The Felixberg with the transmitter on  the top.

The entire area around it is protected. On the highest mountain in the Summingian forest is the Felixberg, which is also a popular destination of tourists. On the Felixberg, there is a transmitter system of the Besmenischer Rundfunk. There is also an observation tower there.


The largest lake in Besmenia is the "Könlenzer See" in the state of East Lemberland. The lake is used for leisure activities. The sports of sailing, surfing, diving and swimming can already be practiced. At 177 meters, it is also the deepest lake in Besmenia.



Vincent von Schilling 2020.png Theodor Sidemann2.png
Vincent von Schilling
President since 2021
Theodor Sidemann
Prime Minister since 2012

Current cabinet

Ministry Minister In office since Party
President Sebastian Bergmann 2 April 2015 GPB
Prime Minister Theodor Sidemann 3 September 2012 BVP
Vice Prime Minister
Ministry of Finance
Frank Hille 7 September 2016 FBBP
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Hans Wehrtau 7 September 2020 FBBP
Ministry of Defense Jörg Tacker 7 September 2020 BVP
Ministry of Education Susanne Treu 4 March 2019 BVP
Ministry of the Environment Stefanie Piesch 7 September 2020 GPB
Ministry of Internal Affairs Georg Nelson 7 September 2020 BVP
Ministry of Post and Telecommunications Sabine von Weiß 7 September 2020 FBBP
Ministry for Labour and Social Affairs Daniel Adler 16 August 2019 BVP
Ministry for Family and Youth Anton Mehrstein 7 September 2020 GPB
Ministry of Health Tom Hardt 15 November 2017 BVP
Ministry of Transport and Traffic Alexander Brein 7 September 2020 GPB
Ministry of Economy Lisa Nowack 7 September 2016 FBBP
Ministry for Food and Agriculture Hans-Peter Göhring 7 September 2016 FBBP

Foreign relations


Law enforcement

Administrative divisions




Ethnic groups



Besmenian is the official language. In the state of Sedakania is the regional language Sedakanian. Sedakanian is a slavic language with Besmenian elements. This language was after Besmenian the second official language in the Kingdom of Sedakania.








Football is the popular sport in Besmenia. The first football games took place in Besmenia around the 1860s, where it was very popular. Besmenia has had its own national football team since 1893, which, according to many, plays pretty well and is also popular internationally.

Music and film


The first silent film from Besmenia appeared in 1897. In 1928 the first Besmenian sound film was released in East Besmenia. At the time of the Besmenian division, propaganda films against East Besmenia and their allies were made in West Besmenia. At that time, many films in East Besmenia dealt with the division and the civil war from the 1910s and their consequences.

Helmut Rommel in 2001

In the 1950s, the main focus in East Besmenia was on drama films. Most of the Besmenian films made in the 1960s were comedy and horror films. One of the most important directors was Helmut Rommel. He made around 18 feature films between 1957 and 2004. Many of his films are considered masterpieces of Besmenian film culture today. His film Empire of Evil, which was released in 1990, is internationally the most successful Besmenian film of all time.

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