Battle of Caelon

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Battle of Caelon
Part of the Anwnn Civil War
DateOctober 5, 1923
Result PWLA Victory

The Battle of Caelon was an engagement on October 5, 1923 between the Powys Workers' Liberation Army and joint forces of the Kooplieden Monarchy Preservation Corps and the Loyalist Placeholder in the Anwnn village of Caelon. 10 RT-1 "Kever"s of the KMPC, accompanied by a small detachment of Loyalist Placeholder infantry, were ambushed as they advanced into the town believing it had been abandoned by retreating PWLA forces, and were ultimately captured. Despite its small scale, the battle is considered one of the most important in the Anwnn Civil War for Kooplieden, with most offensive manoeuvres involving tanks conducted by the KMPC being banned until the RT-8 "Berggeit" became available in 1926, and contributing directly to its design through lessons learnt from the battle. It also strained relations between the KMPC and