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Battle of Phorktown Hill

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Battle of Phorktown Hill
Part of the Long Kingdomian Revolution
Drawing of the Battle of Phorktown Hill
DateFebruary 19, 1769 – March 12, 1770
Phorktown Hill, Phorktown
Result Philimanian pyrrhic victory.

Lm.pngLong Kingdom

Flag of Cross of Burgundy.svgSpanish Empire
Commanders and leaders
thumbKeane Tomlinson Flag of Cross of Burgundy.svgAlejandro Carnicer
thumb 82,000

Lm.png 21,000

Flag of Cross of Burgundy.svg 132,000
Casualties and losses
thumb 22,678 (9,320 wounded)

Lm.png 9,425

Flag of Cross of Burgundy.svg 56,708

The Battle of Phorktown Hill was the last battle of the Long Kingdomian Revolution fought from February 19, 1769 – March 12, 1770. It resulted in the Pyrrhic victory of Philimanian Forces.

On February 18, 1769, Philimanian forces were pushed back to the capital of Philimania at that time. Keane Tomlinson, the general at that time, decided to made a last-ditch attempt to drive out the Spanish and Long Kingdomians. So in the morning of February 19, 1769, Keane Tomlinson and the remaining 82,000 soldiers fortified themselves on Phorktown Hill and prepared themselves for the attack.