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The Commonwealth of Beepee, commonly called Beepee, is a parliamentary democracy in South Pacific.


Located on the eastern coast of Cordilia, the large congenial nation of Beepee can be divided into four geographical sections: a thin eastern coastal strip, a narrow hilly range, a subtropical plain and a subtropical forested area.

The coastal strip, with climates ranging from cool temperate on the far south coast to subtropical near the Kringalia border is the most densely populated area of Beepee. 

The cooler Catenham Mountains, which barely reach over 500m create a small division between the coastal strip and the agricultural plains.

Subtropical forests in the west cover almost two thirds of the nation and can see significant rainfall.

Administrative Regions

Beepee is divided into 6 administrative states


Located in the east of Beepee, Kermadec has a mixture of agricultural and forested areas. Kermadec is also home to the nations capital Norfolk Pinewoods. Government an information technology are key economic drivers.


Located primarily in the narrow hilly area of Beepee, Catenham finds the majority of Beepee major mining and heavy industries.  Catenham is home to the major uranium mines.  In addition, Catenham's state university, based in the states capital of Chiton, is one of the most revered in Beepee.


Located along the southern coastal fringes, Sepe is the most densely populated of the states, with 3 major settlements Golden Wattle Bay, Banksia and Lillypilly.  The economic powerhouse of Golden Wattle Bay is also one off the major tourist attractions for visitors to Beepee.

Northern Beepee

Northern Beepee, previously called Marland, is located in the nations northwest is a heavily forested area.   Its capital Mela Leuca benefits from a high number of tourists due to its proximity to the natural habitats of Lasiorhinus latifrons and the many lush forests. Northern Beepee has often sought to separate from Beepee.


Wynden's capital city Grevillia is a mecca for those seeking medical attention with a number of health clinics and hospitals.  Wynden is located in the southeast of the nation.


The smallest of the states Alberti is located to the north of Catenham Mountains close to the border with Kringalia.  The capital of Smithy is noted for its quality of trout, with many trout farms taking advantage of the many local lakes.


The Beepeean economy is widely diversified, with a mixture of public, quasi-governmental and private sectors. The large information technology sector is bolstered by trout fishing, mining and a large space industry sector.

The country ranks highly in income equality.

Government spending is split between health, education, administration and welfare.

Beepee ranks as average in civil rights, political freedom, and high in economic freedom.


Following amalgamation of the six states, Beepee initially flourished in the bloom of early democracy.

In January 2018, the Beepeean Government joined the South Pacific Legislator Assembly and in February 2018 Beepee joined the World Assembly, representing its growing voice in regional and international politics.

The highpoint being election to the Delegate of the South Pacific for one term in January 2021.


Beepee has an estimated population of 23.8 million

The typical ancestry is Beepeean (70.2%), with other nationalities making up the remainder (29.8%).

English is the de facto national language. Approximately 70% of the population speaks English as a first language, with another 23% speaking Beepeean or Beepish as a first language. The third most dominant language is Dutch, with 3% of the population being native speakers.

The majority of Beepee's population identifies as non-religious (97.8%). the largest proportion of those who are religious, follow the following religions:

- Aupheliaism 61% - Seraphism 22%

The Charter of Rights of Beepee guarantees religious freedom, and prevents legislation that favors any religion over another. However, faiths have not successfully established themselves within Beepee.


The Beepeean Constitution is the supreme law of the land and provides fundamental and basic rights to citizens.

The citizens of Beepee are subject to three levels of government: federal, state, and local.

The constitution is supported by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

The Beepeean Government also prepares other laws with a particular focus on environmental protection.


Beepee has a small standing military, which is used almost entirely for defence. Generally peaceful and neutral for most conflicts, the Beepeean Government has generally focussed on diplomatic rather than armed means of resolving disputes.


Beepeeans are generally classed as socially minded and view more capitalist/individualistic nations with suspicion.

From May 2018, the Beepeean Government undertook a period of propaganda promoting Beepeean culture including the formation of a National Zoo, National Library and Museum, and Tourism Agency.

The national dish is Beepeean Apple Cake.


The most popular spectator sport is football (soccer). The Beepeean National Football Association runs both a male and female team which have represented Beepee at International level.

The Beepeean Mens football team won the Baptism of Fire Competition in April 2018 and the inaugural South Toronto Invitational Cup.

Other national sports include Baseball, however the same success as the football team remains illusive.


Beepee has a small automotive industry. However there is a strong emphasis on public transport systems. Bus, rail, and subway systems exist and are owned and operated by government.

Many people in urban areas walk or bike to work to avoid traffic and transit fees. The civil airline industry is also publicly owned. Beepeean Airways is the national flag carrier and operates out of Pinewoods Airport.