Blue Democracy Incident

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Blue Democracy Incident
DateMarch 28 2028
Off the Gestachian coast
GoalsProtest civil liberty
MethodsMarine protest
  • Protest chased out of Gestachian waters by the Marine Fleet of Ministry of State, Internal, and Interior Security.
  • Ad hoc Directorate making arrests.
  • Blue Democracy classified as a terrorist organization by the MSIIS.
Parties to the civil conflict

Blue Democracy

Blue Democracy Sympathizers

Units involved
About 15 Boats
  • 1 battlecruiser
  • 2 light cruisers
  • 5 destroyers

1 boat damaged

1 arrested

1 killed


1 Qm-74 Militia Patrol Car (Damaged)

On March 28 2024, 15:00 about 15 boats of various sizes from the international marine activist group "Blue Democracy" violated Gestachian waters to protest recent crackdowns on nightlife and gambling. The protest group was quickly chased out by the Marine Fleet of the Ministry of State, Internal, and Interior Security with a division of warships firing warning shots using live ammunition. The heavy handed nature caused international outrage.


On March 4th the Gestachian Committee on the Prohibition of Nightlife arrested 50 university students for attending an illegal underground rave and on March 26 the Gestachian Committee on Computer Security seized 15 web domains connected to gambling.


On March 26 Blue Democracy decided to set sail to the Gestachian coast and on March 28 they arrived, and managed to intrude about 1 nautical mile into the Gestachian coast until the Marine Fleet of the MSIIS intercepted them. What happened next was disputed.

Blue Democracy version:

Blue Democracy claims that Marine Fleet of the MSIIS fired without warning.

Gestachian version:

The Marine Fleet of the MSIIS claims that they attempted to communicate with the Blue Democracy fleet via radio and flag semaphores ordering the fleet to leave or else be fired upon, after no response the MFMSIIS decided to carry out the threat via warning shots.


The heavy handed response by the MFMSIIS caused widespread international outrage and was called an "attack on the right to protest."

The Admrial of the MFMSIIS made an off-handed statement stating which caused further international outrage:

Just because they call themselves 'protesters' doesn't mean they are, and even if they were that does not give them an impenetrable shield to break the law. And in this case they were terrorists invading our coasts illegally. We could've sunk them

A few days later the MSIIS classified Blue Democracy terrorist organization and delegated the investigation of the incident to the Ad hoc Directorate and a week later the first arrest was made.

Two weeks after the first arrest the Ad hoc Directorate attempted to arrest another suspect however she gave chase with a high speed persuit, the persuit came to an end when a squad car of the People's Militia intentionally rammed her car offf a cliff, killing her instantly.