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Borealia (Russian: Бореалия, Borealiya), officially the Dominion of Borealia (Бореалский Доминион, Borealskiy Dominion), commonly known simply as is a coutry in the northernmost end of North America. It borders Cascadia to the west, Alaska to the northwest, the United States to the south, and Laurentia to the east. Borealia was organized into a dominion in 1930 with the unification of the remaining British North American colonies not incorporated into Laurentia.

Borealia is well noted for its Northern European ancestry, with those of Russian origin being dominant (particularly in western Borealia, near the Alaskan border). Borealia's Russian community dates back to the Russian American Company and the large territory it governed. Russia sold their North American claims to the United Kingdom in the 1870s, with the many Russians and Creoles remaining in the territory. This continued presence encouraged Russian immigration to the territory, first among exiles (including the Doukhobors in the 1880s) and later during the gold rushes of the 1890s and early 1900s.