Campionato Esportiva 24 Final

Campionato Esportiva 24 Final
EventCampionato Esportiva 24
Date13 June 2019 (2019-06-13)
VenueKlyde Stadium, Fullham
Man of the MatchIori Saitou (Kita-Hinode)

The Campionato Esportiva 24 Final was a football match played on 13 June 2019 at the Klyde Stadium in Fullham, Velestria to determine the winner of the Campionato Esportiva 24. The match featured Kita-Hinode, who went into the match as favourites, and Dreamplanet, playing in only their second Campionato Esportiva.

Kita-Hinode won the final 1–0 to lift their second Campionato Esportiva title, defeating Dreamplanet who had the odds of 80–1 from the beginning of the tournament, with goals from Iori Saitou, Cherry Whitecastle and Kalamani Kanani.

Route to the final

Dreamplanet Round Kita-Hinode
Opponent Result Group stage Opponent Result
 Apox 4–1 Match 1  Ceyne Isles 1–0
 San José Guayabal 3–1 Match 2  Racing 3–2
 Fhulghamous Peninsula 1–1 Match 3  The Golden Lotus 1–0
Group D winner
Pos Team Pld Points
1  Dreamplanet 3 7
2  Fhulghamous Peninsula 3 7
3  Apox 3 3
4  San José Guayabal 3 0
Final standings Group E winner
Pos Team Pld Points
1  Kita-Hinode 3 9
2  Racing 3 6
3  Ceyne Isles 3 3
4  The Golden Lotus 3 0
Opponent Result Knockout stage Opponent Result
 South Covello 3–2 Round of 16  Fhulghamous Peninsula 5–4
 Velestria 2–1 Quarter-finals  Apox 2–2 (a.e.t.) (4–3 p)
 Mattijana 2–2 (a.e.t.) (4–1 p) Semi-finals  Damukuni (a.e.t.) 2–1



Dreamplanet started the strongest of the two teams despite being the underdogs for the final, after a handball by Koetsu Okuyama gave Dreamplanet a free kick, Luis Silva crossed it in the path of Antonio Luis which was able to send a low strike into the goal to give Dreamplanet the lead, Kita-Hinode stayed confident despite being a goal down and Dreamplanet had an ill-advised tactics changed, reverting to more defensive positions. This eventually backfired when Jorge Cardozo's mistimed tackle brought down Cherry Whitecastle in the penalty area, resulting in a yellow card for Jorge Cardozo and Iori Saitou converting the penalty.

In the second half, Dreamplanet closed down on their defensive tactic, trying to grind out a tie that could see the match go into extra time, however the impasse only lasted until the 56th minute when Cherry Whitehouse got on the end of a Raiden Kojima cross and was able to head it in to take the lead for Kita-Hinode, a lead they would never let go of despite Dreamplanet switching to an attacking formation to attempt to salvage the game after parking the bus since they scored, Dreamplanet almost equalised when Aaron Hungar passed it straight to the path of Luis Silva unbelievably tapped it into the post and into the hands of Han Ji-hun who quickly cleared it into the path of Kamalani Kanani who was able to make good contact with the ball and made it three for Kita-Hinode. The Dreamplanetian squad drove forward trying desperately to turn the game around but that only opened room for Kamalani Kanani to get his second of the game and end Dreamplanet's hopes of lifting the trophy.


Dreamplanet 1–4 Kita-Hinode
  • Antonio Luis Goal 10'
  • Goal 37' (pen.) Iori Saitou
    Goal 56' Cherry Whitecastle
    Goal 81'88' Kamalani Kanani
Attendance: 49,932
GK 1 Filipe Vaz
RB 2 Fransisco Jorge
CB 3 Jorge Cardozo Yellow card 37'
CB 4 João Pedro Substituted off 43'
LB 5 Rui Jorge Yellow card 72'
DM 6 Paulo Oliveira Yellow card 52'
CM 18 Fábio Henriques Substituted off 60'
CM 10 Miguel Benedito Yellow card 88'
RW 17 Aaron Hungar
LW 7 Luis Silva (c)
CF 14 Antonio Luis Substituted off 74'
CB 13 Duarte Henriques Substituted in 43'
CM 8 Jorge Resende Substituted in 60'
CF 9 Paulo Figueiredo Substituted in 74'
Dreamplanet Rodrigo Vaz
DRP-HIN 2019-06-13.svg
GK 1 Han Ji-hun
RB 2 Koetsu Okuyama Yellow card 10'
CB 3 Etishi Karu
CB 4 Raiden Kojima
LB 5 Mimi Akazukin Yellow card 23' Substituted off 51'
RM 6 Juri Kisame
CM 7 Kamalani Kanani
LM 8 Somporn Metharom Substituted off 81'
RW 9 Arichi Kunorikato Substituted off 76'
LW 10 Cherry Whitecastle
CF 11 Iori Saitou (c)
DF 14 Granz-maëdel De Charlot Substituted in 51'
LM 19 Hinata Azuma Substituted in 76'
RW 20 Tomoe Mikage Substituted in 81'
Nephara Eleanor Lingard

Man of the Match:
Iori Saitou (Kita-Hinode)

Match rules


Campionato Esportiva 24 Final
The leading goal from Cherry Whitecastle
Kita-Hinode players celebrating their win.
Statistic Dreamplanet Kita-Hinode
Goals scored 1 4
Total shots 7 9
Shots on target 3 5
Ball possession 46% 54%
Corner kicks 2 5
Fouls committed 5 2
Offsides 2 0
Yellow cards 4 2
Red cards 0 0


Kita-Hinode were crowned champions of Esportiva for the second time in four editions in their first competitive match against Dreamplanet whose heroic performances earned the praise of many footballing nations above them and gave the team a clear determination to avenge their loss in the World Cup qualifiers and in the next Campionato Esportiva. It had been the first time since Campionato Esportiva 21 that a team outside Pots 1 and 2 had made it to the final which was Kita-Hinode's winning run, and in a twist of irony the final was the most recent Pot 3 winner blocking what would've been the most recent Pot 3 winner, Pot 3 of the Campionato Esportiva 21 also had 3 teams out of 4 make it to the final 4 in this Campionato Esportiva, only Buyan missing out as a result of being an ex-nation.

Kita-Hinode had now 2 wins out of 4 finals, having a 50% win rate in a major final and a 100% win rate since becoming Kita-Hinode, this was Dreamplanet's first ever major tournament final and the best Pot 3 showing since Ethane's quarter-final run in Campionato Esportiva 22.