Anteria Capitalist League

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Anteria Capitalist League
Anteria Capitalist League.png
Type:Political union
Economic liberalism
Established:October 17th, 2017
Member states Geordinia

The Anteria Capitalist League is an international political union founded in 2017 whose signatories are Geordinia, Hatstheput, Nerany, Neuewland, and Prybourne. Its main objective is to promote and protect the capitalist ideology all along Anteria primarily through strategic political actions and lobbying.

Affiliated political parties and factions

Party/Faction Country Other affiliation National representatives
Capitalist Alternative  Hatstheput None
38 / 500
Hatstheputian Independence Party  Hatstheput CL
20 / 500
Moderate Party  Hatstheput LDA
221 / 500
National Alliance  Hatstheput CL
172 / 500
Conservative Party  Geordinia N/A
283 / 450
Clockwork Party  Prybourne None
12 / 15
Free Citizens' Party  Bakyern ACA
109 / 400
Confederate Coalition  Bakyern N/A
94 / 400
National Wenelist Coalition  Bakyern N/A
56 / 400