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Republic of Carélie

République de Carélie
Flag of Carélie
"La force par l'Unité" (French)
"Strength by Unity"
Largest cityChâlan
Official languages
Ethnic groups
Demonym(s)Carélien, Carélienne
GovernmentUnitary Constitutional Republic
• President
Amélie Dominique
Jeannot Beloquin
LegislatureNational Assembly
• Total
33,170 km2 (12,810 sq mi)
• Water (%)
• 2021 estimate
Increase 6 570 752
GDP (nominal)2021 estimate
• Total
Increase $253 000 000 000
• Per capita
Increase $38 504
GiniPositive decrease 36
HDI (2021)Increase 0.882
very high · 8th
CurrencyCarélian Franc (FC)
Time zoneUTC+0
Driving sideright
Calling code+70

Carélie is a sovereign state located on the continent of Primeria. Carélie is a unitary constitutional republic with a semi-presidential regime. The motto is "Strength by Unity". The national colours of the flag are blue, red, yellow and white. On the flag you can see red and white waves above. They symbolize the sea in the north of the country. The golden lion represents the strength of the country, but is also the symbol of the D'Harceuilleux family, a very influential noble family that strongly energized the country. The crescent moon held by the lion represents the tides, but also the harvests, activities still very practiced manually 25 years ago. The capital is Châlant and is located in the north center of the country. The official language in Carélie is French. There are dialects such as Gaumais (also spoken to Voisey), Ardennais (also spoken to Voisey), Condrusiens, Plantenois, Francique-Rhénan (also spoken to Voisey and Brenne), Francique-Meridional (also spoken in Brenne), Longovician (also spoken to Voisey), the Lussembourgeois, the Fagnais, the Calestan, the Reçandois (also spoken in the Caspburg), the Sambrais, Francique Carélien or the Thévenois who are in slight recessions and spoken by nearly 67% of the Carélians. Francique is often interpreted as a traditionally Carélian language, which has been extended to other regions as time goes by. The most spoken of the regional languages is Francique-Mosellan. The official currency in Carélie is the Carélian Franc. Carélie plays an increasingly important role. Indeed, the country has historically remained neutral in many conflicts and has remained very discreet in terms of trade. Since the end of the war (around 1985), there has been an important development of diplomacy between Carélia and the other countries of Primeria. Carélia is the 12th most populous country with 6,570,752 inhabitants in 2021.